Making Peace with “Jesus Christ”

So many people have a strong negative reaction to the words “Jesus Christ.” Why is this? And how can we go about making peace with Jesus Christ?

The Guide: There are a number of words which many of you have become allergic to. They are words used in the Bible and in organized religion, words that have indeed often been misused and abused. But these words have nevertheless a true origin that should not be forgotten. The name of divine manifestation in human form—Jesus Christ—is, as you well know, one such word.

Yet if you heard a description of God as form, as personal helper, friend, guide, as all-forgiver, as a being of translucent light and perfection, you could accept it. So do not let the word “Jesus Christ” stand in your way. He is the Christ, and He was Jesus when he incarnated.

Similarly, you have associations with the words “sin,” “hell,” “evil” and “devil.” All these words have been grossly abused. That is true. But they nevertheless indicate only the same facts that we now call by different names, such as Lower-Self aspects, negativities, destructiveness, a painful state of mind.

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