Therese Neumann (1898 – 1962) was a German Catholic mystic and stigmatic. It is reported that from the years of 1923 until her death in 1962, she apparently consumed no food other than The Holy Eucharist, and claimed to have drunk no water from 1926 until her death. Can you explain such miracles?

The Guide: There are many, many things possible in this world. What you call miracles are simply laws you do not understand, just as many people do not know the laws governing communication with the beyond, that a spirit can manifest through a medium.

There are many spiritual laws governing mastery over the physical body, and this person is not the only one who has done it. There are other examples where physical functions are completely controlled. When this happens, certain influences from the Spirit World can occur. Such phenomena belong in the same chapter.

This usually means that such a person is very highly developed. Those people have a task to fulfill. They bring something that helps mankind to wake up. They produce what is called a miracle. But there is no such thing as a miracle in the sense the word is usually understood, unless you consider the whole universe a miracle, which it is, of course. But there are only laws, some of which you understand and many of which you do not understand. Humanity has fallen into the habit of calling events or phenomena that it does not understand miracles.”

The power of the cosmic laws is at all times available, but it depends on certain combinations and sets of circumstances coming together that make it possible for such power to manifest.

On Earth, it manifests in isolated instances, because the combination of circumstances that are necessary rarely exists. But when it does happen, man calls it a miracle, merely because he does not understand the laws in operation. If you imagine the complicated mechanism necessary, the variety of conditions that have to be fulfilled, in order to make everyday appliances work – a radio, a television, an airplane, a computer – you will perhaps understand a little of how these so-called miracles work.

The manifold and complicated combination of conditions and prerequisites in order to function is more intricately involved than anything you can imagine. The power currents of the spirit are infinitely stronger than the power and energy necessary to operate your technical equipment. The same cosmic power-currents operate, only they are converted into non-spiritual, automatic manifestations for your practical use. The ingenuity of the mind has created the conditions so that these powers can operate.

In principle, it is the same with so-called miracles, only it happens haphazardly, and by coincidence, as it were, because humans have not studied and found the laws governing these manifestations. Your electrical and technical equipment that is now so familiar would have been called the greatest of miracles only a hundred years ago, and even at a much lesser time than that, simply because their mode of operation was not understood.

Nowadays, you do not call them miracles. An individual steeped in this earth-world, blind to the power of the spirit and the cosmic laws, never seeing or sensing their manifestation and existence, will either deny their existence, or will call it a miracle.

In that very expression, the intrinsic nature of the universe is misunderstood. As the consciousness increases and rises and widens and deepens, even though one may not understand the exact operation of the laws necessary to produce such phenomena, the knowledge already exists that an infinite variety of complicated conditions must be combined and fused to make such manifestations possible.

How then was it possible that Jesus could perform many miracles, many times?

The Guide: Because of the purity of his spirit, so much more pure, undiluted power was available. That is exactly the reason.

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