Top 10 Q&As: Prayer & Meditation


What is the difference between prayer and meditation?


Will you please elaborate on the meaning of prayer in the different stages?


I’m confused about ways of meditating. I know you’ve spoken about reviewing your daily life; I know there are people who keep their minds clear and just listen; I know there are other people who fix their mind on an idea or an object. Are these also effective ways of meditating?


Could you give us some highlights of what should be part of every prayer, every day?


There are some theories that say that in order to achieve the discipline of daily prayer, one should set aside the same time every day. I think that this leads rather to the routine against which you warned us. Which is right?


Is silent prayer, without uttering words, sufficient, or does formulation and verbalization in loud words make prayer more effective?


I noticed that some people pray by addressing God in the third person. In other words, they speak about God. They say, for instance, “I ask God…,” rather than speaking directly to God. Is there any significance in this? Does it make any difference?


I would very much like to have an explanation of how the Lord’s Prayer fits in with our present meditations, as well as an actual explanation.


To what extent can we expect to help heal our friends through meditation and prayer?


Do mantras, such as repetitious prayers, help in the development of your own soul, and especially the phrase “I am?” And in what way does it help?

Top 10 Q&As: God

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