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So many people have a strong negative reaction to the words “Jesus Christ.” Why is this? Answer


Is it necessary then for everyone to convert to Christianity? Answer


So then what is the truth about the life of Jesus? In what way has Jesus Christ saved humanity? In what way was his deed the greatest? What was the purpose of his life on Earth, his one-time incarnation? Answer


What is the meaning of the “way of the cross,” its principles and its course of actions? How is it comparable to the Eastern concept, the one that follows the Buddha? Answer


What is the spiritual significance of Good Friday? Answer


What is the role of the Virgin Mary from the spiritual point of view? Answer


Christian religions place a lot of emphasis on the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. Why is that? Answer


What about Christmas, with the displays of light, the story of Christ, the Christmas trees and the Christmas carols? Answer


What is the inner reason for many Jewish people – even those who are otherwise quite open-minded and spiritually inclined – to be almost militantly against Jesus Christ? A similar reaction also exists in some Christians who strongly rebel against their early upbringing. What is the reason for this? Answer


The early Christians faithfully followed these words, seeking to convey the Gospel of salvation through Christ to the entire world, even at the risk of their lives. Much of the Christian church, to this day, takes these words very seriously as defining its mission.

The norm in spiritual circles is to not preach to others, but to respect each individual’s beliefs. Was the early church’s task different from ours today? Answer

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