Arrangement by Jill Loree

Jill Loree is the founder of Phoenesse, offering a fresh approach to timeless spiritual teachings from the Pathwork Guide.

I actually gave a lot of thought to how I should refer to myself relative to this material. As we all know, the “author”, Eve Pierrakos, didn’t claim to be the author. And while I have created this way of organizing this material, it is not my material, so I am certainly not the author. This material belongs to the Pathwork Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with disseminating and caring for the Pathwork Guide’s words.

I completed my assembly of this information around Christmas-time, and as I was listening to the many different arrangements of Christmas music offered by so many different artists, the word “arrangement” landed for me. I mean, don’t you just love Josh Groban’s arrangement of Ave Maria?

My father was a vocal music teacher for his career and my mother is the organist at the Lutheran church we attended. Back in the day, I belted out a few songs on stage, performing in eight musicals by the time I finished high school. I’m not a musician, but when your family is honored as your small town’s Music Family of the Year when you’re 11, you know you’ve got some music in your genes.

Anyways, that’s why I chose the word Arrangement, as in “Arrangement by Jill Loree.” I didn’t create the song, but I crafted it in this way so that others could enjoy it. I hope you like this arrangement.

—Jill Loree

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