“With such joy do we come to you, again and again, to give you what we can, to help you to the best of our ability, on your noble road to truth, love, unity and divine perfection…

“May these answers activate your own inner knowing, so that the knowledge given truly becomes your own knowledge. For all knowledge, all truth, is but one.”

The Pathwork Guide, Q&A #257

Get answers to questions asked of the Pathwork Guide

“May all of you find here or there a little key, a clarification, a helpful hint so as to shed light on your way, in your struggle to reach the light of truth, to understand yourself and therefore life.”
Pathwork Guide, Q&A #132

Here are fascinating answers to a deep and wide variety of life-related questions that were asked of a spirit being known only as the Guide, and spoken by Eva Pierrakos. Included are questions—arranged alphabetically by topic—related to Pathwork lectures, personal problems, and understanding life in general. Follow your curiosity and you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

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Jill Loree combines her favorite questions in eight categories into a single collection:

  • Religion
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Bible
  • Reincarnation
  • The Spirit World
  • Death
  • Prayer and meditation
  • God


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The Guide Speaks is made available for free by Jill Loree, founder of Phoenesse.

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“There are so many questions you need to ask, personal and general ones. In the end they become one and the same. The lectures I am called upon to deliver are also answers to unspoken questions, questions that arise out of your inner yearning, searching, and desires to know and to be in truth. They arise out of your willingness to find divine reality, whether this attitude exists on the conscious or unconscious level. But there are other questions that need to be asked deliberately on the active, outer, conscious level in order to fulfill the law. For only when you knock can the door be opened; only when you ask can you be given. This is a law.”

The Pathwork Guide, Q&A #250

Eva Pierrakos and her husband John founded the first Pathwork center in Phoenecia, New York.