“May all of you find here or there a little key, a clarification, a helpful hint so as to shed light on your way, in your struggle to reach the light of truth, to understand yourself and therefore life.” – Pathwork® Guide, Q&A #132

Here are fascinating answers to a deep and wide variety of life-related questions that were asked of a spirit being known only as the Guide, and spoken by Eva Pierrakos. Included are questions related to Pathwork lectures, personal problems, and understanding life in general.

"May these answers activate your own inner knowing, so that the knowledge given truly becomes your own knowledge. For all knowledge, all truth, is but One.” – Pathwork® Guide, Q&A #257

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How to Access Wisdom from the Pathwork® Guide

There are a number of ways to access the wisdom of these spiritual teachings from the Pathwork Guide. Here is a brief explanation about each. What is the Pathwork? The Pathwork Foundation holds the copyright on the collection of lectures and Q&As provided by the Pathwork Guide, which are teachings about spiritual self-development. The original lectures, which were spoken by…