“Of course, faith is a key, just as love is a key, as truth is a key. Each of them, in its undiluted essence, contains all the other attributes. One is all, and all is one. The question is not whether or not you should have it. There can be no doubt about this. The question is how you can get it, why you lack it, what in you blocks the way. Then the divine in you will be able to unfold. Then it is a key—the key to life, the key to the universe.”

The Pathwork Guide, Lecture #63

Eva Pierrakos, Author

Eva was born in 1915 in Vienna, the daughter of the well-known Austrian novelist Jakob Wasserman. Driven by a private curiosity and a desire for deeper understanding of her world, Eva began to develop the gift of accessing an inner voice, at first through automatic writing and later by speaking in a trance state. In time, the inner voice took shape as the authoritative, insightful and loving persona of the Pathwork® Guide.

Eva came to the United States in 1939 and continued her work in New York, giving Guide sessions and an ongoing series of trance lectures. She was a beautiful, vibrantly alive woman with a keen intelligence who enjoyed life in all its aspects. She loved people and animals, and enjoyed food, skiing, swimming and dancing.

Eva Pierrakos died in 1979, leaving behind the rich legacy of more than two hundred Guide lectures, thousands of Questions & Answers, and many worldwide students who are still followers of these teachings.

Jill Loree, Arrangement


actually gave a lot of thought to how I should refer to myself relative to this body of Question and Answers. As we know, the author herself, Eve Pierrakos, didn’t claim to be the author. The author of these answers is the Pathwork Guide.

So while I have created this way of organizing this material, it is not my material. This material belongs to the Pathwork Foundation, a non-profit organization charged with disseminating and caring for the Pathwork Guide’s words.

I completed my assembly of these Q&As—which involved reading them, sorting them by topic, and editing them lightly for easier reading—around Christmas. At the time, I was listening to the many different arrangements of Christmas music offered by so many different artists. Which is when the word “arrangement” popped into my head.

I didn’t create the “song”, but I crafted it this way so that others could enjoy it. If you are interested in exploring what else I have crafted to make these teachings from the Pathwork Guide easier to access, please visit Phoenesse.

—Jill Loree
Pathwork Helper
Founder of Phoenesse