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“He who wants to win his life will lose it. He who is ready to give it up will win it.” What does that mean?

The Guide: It means that if you are constantly so afraid of a little pain, if you hold on so tightly to your ego and to your little sensitivity or vanity, you do not give up your life; rather, you hold on to it too tightly and therefore must lose it. To lose, in the spiritual sense, means you cannot find peace, harmony or happiness either from within or without.

But those who do not take themselves so seriously, whose comfort and everything pertaining to the ego is not so terribly important, whose own little pains and hurt vanities do not matter so much, who do not think constantly, “If I show my affection or my true feelings, what will people think? I might be hurt or I might jeopardize something,” they who truly give up their ego-selves, will receive life, again in the spiritual sense.

They will find harmony within by going with the law, and will find the love and respect from others they could never have found by holding on to themselves so tightly.

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