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What is the meaning of the statement, “All things work together for the good for those who love God?”

The Guide: Let us examine this statement of the Scriptures to find its deeper meaning. The words, “those who love God” do not mean merely that you believe in God or that you profess to love him or that you recite some prayers.

As you know, the true love of God means to work spiritually, to develop, and to get to know divine law in all its psychological aspects as they pertain to you personally. You have to get to know yourself so thoroughly that not only are your deeds, your words, and your thoughts in conformity with spiritual law, but also your emotions. You must come to love God in your emotions. To achieve that is, of course, a lengthy process.

Only a person on the road of spiritual development can truly love God. How then can we explain that “all things work together for the good?” And this is, indeed, the truth, my friends! For the person who follows the path of development and purification, whatever happens must be for the good!

Only when you have reached a certain stage of development will you come to realize the truth of these words. There is no apparent tragedy, mishap or misfortune that does not carry some good for one who follows this Path and thus proves his or her love for God. Yet so many of you do not know this.

You are still living under the delusion that this is a world of coincidence and chance, or even a world of injustice. Though you may not think this is true, many of you feel so. And that is your great error and your tragic illusion.

On the other hand, a person who is not following this Path – in other words, a person who does not love God above everything – will find that the best things happening to him or her will not be for the good. Later on these supposedly best things might create difficulties and tests that might only begin to work for the good in future incarnations at the moment this Path has been started.

Up to that time in a person’s development, nothing is for the ultimate good. However, from that time on, which is the crucial period in a soul’s evolution, everything that happens, has happened and will happen, must be for the good.

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