I would like to ask whether the Christ spirit is an all-pervading spirit like God or an individual spirit?

The Guide: It is exactly the same as with God. The substance of Christ is the same as God’s substance; it is all the divine substance. It is the same substance you have in yourself. Whether you call it the divine substance, God’s substance, or Christ’s substance makes no difference. God has given most of this substance to his first creation, the spirit of Jesus Christ. All other beings have received some of this substance, and it is up to them to unfold it and enlarge it with the power given to them.

If you develop yourself, you make your Higher Self free of the shadows and layers of the Lower Self. That is the presence you have constantly in you if you can develop it. And this divine spark or Higher Self is the substance to which we are referring. The presence of God or that of Jesus Christ as a person is something else again.

Christ can be felt in person as a presence, in his personification, but that is something altogether different from the divine substance in you. The presence of your own divine substance inside you can only be unfolded by following this very Path onto which I am now leading you.

To feel the presence of God in his personification – which is almost never the case with a human being, but it is possible for spirits – or to feel the presence of Jesus Christ as a person is an occasional grace that can come unexpectedly, without any knowing or understanding why. These are two entirely different things.

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