What is the Holy Ghost and what should be our relationship to it?

The Guide: Whether the Holy Ghost is in some teachings represented as part of the Trinity; whether it is represented as a whole body of the Divine World comprising all the holy or purified spirits; or whether the Holy Ghost is interpreted as the divine spark in every living being – and all three interpretations are right, without canceling each other out – what’s essential is that your devotion to God and to Christ, who has contributed such great work in the entire Plan of Salvation, can only be determined by finding the Holy Ghost within yourself.

There is no other way to do this than by penetrating your own darkness and obstructions. Whenever human beings try to seek salvation and union with God or with the divine by outer means, by religious theories, or by theological interpretations – thereby forcing themselves to live by misunderstood dogma – they are living in error. Something is wrong.

For the only way to find the true answer is by penetrating your own blocks, by overcoming your resistance, by knowing yourself in the deeper levels of your personality. Only then will you know the meaning of God. Then you will find union with him. Then you will know what Christ means. Then your own Holy Spirit will manifest, at least occasionally.

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