Doesn’t it appear as a strange coincidence when there should be the death of many individuals, like for instance in mass killings in a concentration camp or when a large group is burned in a fire? Isn’t there some sort of wrong thinking or action there?

The Guide: There is no coincidence. When you go back in history, you will see that there were always times when great cruelty existed and mass killings happened. After certain intervals it happened again, the next time caused perhaps by another group, another nation. You can be quite sure that in the following period the former torturers then became the victims. Because that is what they have drawn to themselves.

I do not say that this applies to every individual case. There may be cases when the retribution, or effect of the cause set in motion, may be carried out in a different way in an individual fate. Then again, some victims may have undertaken a special task, voluntarily enduring more through one incident like this than they normally would have had to go through in the desire to develop faster, to overstep many levels in one sweep.

As a rule, you can be sure that one mass killing causes another, changing the roles from torturers to victims until all have learned their lesson. In some instances the paying off of such a debt does not happen in the succeeding incarnation, but several lives lie between cause and effect. You must not forget, you all went through periods of cruelty, some ten incarnations ago, some even less.

If great disasters and accidents happen in which many people are killed, you can be sure that this is a measure taken by the Spirit World where everything is executed in full justice and according to the often freely-chosen fate of the various entities involved.

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