What actually is the meaning of religion?

The Guide: There is so much misunderstanding about this, and you are often anxious to assure yourself and others that you are not “religious.” You make the mistaken assumption that being religious means to adhere to some sect and blindly accept a set dogma.

Religion means “re-connection with God,” and everybody wants this, whether knowingly or not. All unfulfilled longing is basically nothing else but the wish to return to God, that is, to religion. The more a person is aware of this wish, the more peacefully and harmoniously the soul currents will flow. People may even find their way back to God through a sectarian community, if the instructions received there activate their soul force and open the door to self-search, and through that, to higher perception.

This is the essence of religion that people can discover also by adhering to a religious sect. Then the minor errors or deviations do not matter; in this case they are only details. Such details become important only when they hinder the individual’s progress, whether directly or indirectly. This, however, depends largely on the individual.

For other people, the way back to God does not lead through joining a religious sect; they must be shown another road. But whatever the way, everyone needs help from the outside. This outside help constitutes the material with which they must build their own house.

But religion, that is, reconnection with God, is essential for all. God is absolute, God is truth, and therefore the truth beyond human error is also absolute. Humans will receive as much of the truth as they are able to understand and assimilate, according to their development. There are many, however, to whom more could be given than what they are receiving – but they do not want it. They are too lazy, or they are not fulfilling the requirements for some other reason. But to those who truly knock, the door will be opened.

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