Why is it that one feels abandoned by God, that one finds oneself without assistance from the higher spheres, just when one goes through the most difficult times? Are these some kind of spiritual tests?

The Guide: This is often so. When you are tested, at first you learn how to attain your goal with the help of spiritual protection. Then this protective influence will step somewhat aside and you are left to yourself, at an equal distance, so to speak, from the divine and the dark forces. You have to stand your ground alone, and act right out of your own will.

Then, when you have withstood the test, the dark forces will be periodically allowed to get quite close to you – though divine love is always close by, watching that everything goes well – so that you can stand your ground even better. Only then are you strong enough so that God can fully count on you; only then can you be sure that you have attained mastery over your lower self, over your weaknesses that needed exactly this kind of testing. This is the process.

Then, in the so-called favorable periods, you gather new strength for the next period of testing, and can enjoy the fruits of what you have already achieved.

It is up to every human being to avail themselves of the weapons of spiritual law and fight with them. No evil spirit, be it the most powerful, can do anything to you unless you allow it. The moment you fight your lower self, you protect yourself completely. This is what you must do: fight the battle! This is not too much to ask of you.

No devil, no Satan, could get at you, if you did not have something in you that responded. When you pray that God keep Satan away from you, you are therefore in error. For in you, in your lower self, in the crust that envelops your perfect self, lies the germ through which you can be led into temptation.

The dark forces serve as instruments to draw it out, to bring it into your awareness, so that you can fight it. If the germ of evil lay dormant, if it had no opportunity to manifest, you would not come one step nearer to perfection, to true bliss.

The times when human beings feel alone, during spiritual tests, come only when they are ready to use their will to stand up for themselves without help. Your inner will is always a most important factor, but never will more be expected of you than you are able to accomplish.

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