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Jill Loree’s Top 10 questions about Reincarnation:


Is it possible for anyone following such a path to reach a stage of development in this lifetime so that you would be lifted out of the cycle of returning? Answer


When we are reincarnated, we have no memory of our previous lives. When we get to the Spirit World, after this life, do we then have the memory of previous lives? Answer


The general teaching is that incarnations change from male incarnation to female and vice versa. Can you clarify this point? Answer


What is the average time between incarnations? Answer


Can you tell us why the influx of the new Christ consciousness energy has accelerated the process of development? Answer


When artists have really reached a very high level of artistic expression, have they attained that because they have also attained a high level of spiritual development and awareness? Do these things go together? Answer


Scientists are now able to clone animals. What happens to the formation of a soul in the case of a mass-produced human species, where everyone would be exactly the same, in which thoughts and knowledge could come through a bodily process instead of through a mental process? Answer


If there are so many incarnations, why is it that we should work so hard in a given one? Answer


Regarding the evolution of animals, is it right that the highest animal, such a nice gentle horse, becomes the lowest type of human being, such as a criminal? Answer


Do animals have karma? Answer

Top 10 Q&As: The Spirit World