Is it necessary then for everyone to convert to Christianity?

The Guide: Try, regardless of what religion you belong to, to open your hearts and your minds. Be broadminded! Do not leave the faith you are accustomed to, for that is not necessary unless you wish to do so.

But that does not change the fact that you should open your hearts and not put aside completely the one person to whom you owe most next to God. Do not disregard Christ so easily.

Even if you have doubts, and probably most of you here still have some, consider that it may be this way after all. What your fathers and forefathers – or the people in whom you trust and who have influenced you in your life – have said, may not be entirely right. Certainly they have spoken some truths, for truth exists everywhere, but no one group among all humankind has all the truth.

You, who are spiritually searching people, should open the doors to truth, no matter from what side it may present itself to you. Do not be stubborn. Do not believe that this means giving in or showing lack of character, my friends. What an immature notion this is! The question here remains as always, “What is true?”

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