How and why did human beings come into existence? What prompted the creation of beings?

The Guide: After the spirit of Christ, many other creatures came into existence – so many that you could not count them with the numbers you have available in your world. Once I was asked, “Why did God create these beings? Being all-knowing, he must have realized that misery could result from it.” This is indeed an important question, which I would now like to touch on briefly.

God is love and love must share – this is the nature of love. Of course God realized that because he created beings with free will, they could so decide with this free will that misery could come into existence, either permanently or temporarily. Nevertheless, as an indication of his greatness, God created beings who could choose freely with the power given them.

They either would have the wisdom of not abusing their power and thus living within the perfection of divine law in a state of eternal bliss or, if they decided otherwise, they would finally come to comprehend all the more the perfection of divine law, after having gone through the valley of death. Thus, they would be more godlike than ever before.

The temporary misery for those who might decide wrongly is nothing compared to the bliss and happiness of eternity after the self-inflicted misery has been experienced. The scales show this so clearly that a spirit does not even have to be very high in development to recognize this fact.

Thus, God created many beings and many worlds, long before a material world existed: worlds of harmony, happiness, infinite beauty, and infinite possibilities which unfolded creative divine aspects for all beings. Here, the divine substance of each created being was freely active, and not covered by foreign and un-godlike matter.

I have often said that it is your task to uncover this divine substance within you and to free it of these God-opposed layers which rob you of your unity with yourself and with God. This divine substance is also referred to as a human being’s Higher Self or divine spark. It is also referred to, at times, as the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is not one being, nor is it part of a threefold God in the sense it is often interpreted. It is simply the divine substance that every living creature possesses to some degree whether freed to some extent of other substances or still covered up by them. So you can see that the idea of the Trinity has been often misunderstood, yet there is also a great amount of truth within the misunderstanding.

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