Lucifer & His Henchmen

Why was the name Lucifer, which means light-bringer, given for the satanic power? Where is its scriptural origin?

The Guide: The name Lucifer was not given to this spirit after he became what you call Satan. That was his name when he was created as a spirit of light. And as you know, Lucifer came after Christ. He was a marvelous and beautiful spirit – the bringer of light. That name originates from that time. Where you can find it in the Scriptures is a question I am not entitled to answer, because, as you know, a spirit does not have the right to answer questions you could find out by your own endeavors.

In Isaiah it is said that God created good and evil. Did God create the evil forces and the Luciferic powers too?

The Guide: That is a great error, and you will readily understand it now when I remind you of Lecture #21 The Fall, that explains how this error could have happened. You will remember my explaining that God created the power which he then gave to each of his created spirits. This power could be used in any way depending on the individual spirit’s free will.

Now that explains why or how this error could have occurred. It is technically correct to say that God created evil, but it would be more correct to say that God created the possibility for evil if with their free will people – or spirits – use this power against divine law.

The souls in the lower spheres are supposed to suffer much pain. How is it then that Lucifer, who is the worst of all evil spirits, does not seem to suffer? Is this just?

The Guide: You human beings always think that there is nothing worse than pain. Yet there is something worse, namely the stage before a soul is able to feel pain. When you feel pain, you are already a step closer to God. I should like to explain this to you, so that you can sense the magnificence of Creation, and see how the dark forces must ultimately play into God’s hands.

I will give you this example. Lucifer has his henchmen; in his realm too there is a hierarchy of very powerful and less powerful beings. If such a powerful henchman fails to fulfill a task that has been assigned to him – possibly to deter a human being from following his path to God, because the human being used his free will to resist temptation – he will lose more and more of his power, until he himself will be tortured by his fellow evil spirits.

He who finds himself in extreme pain must come closer to God, since it is then that his need for God is greatest. Thus, the lower he sinks in the dark spheres, the higher he actually rises. The farther removed he is from pain, the greater the inner disharmony. And Lucifer is in the greatest disharmony. The greater the disharmony, the more strongly the inner currents will need to harmonize.

This continues until such beings reach the point where they can increase their inner harmony, even without pain. Later, the overcoming of various resistances will replace the pain, until eventually not even the struggle against resistance will be necessary.

All of you can get an inkling of this process when you remember how much closer to inner harmony you are when you experience clean pain than when you are not really in pain but feel upset, rebellious, and torn in many directions, possessed by very disharmonious feelings. Therefore, the more the laws of God extend their influence, the fewer henchmen will Lucifer eventually have.

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