There are two theories in the world today about the process of evolution. The scientific world says that man evolved from the fish through the amphibian and reptilian stages to the mammalian stage of today, and here is the human race today after billions of years of developing life on Earth. The other theory, which is often held by religious people, is that God created each species in itself on the Earth. Which is correct?

The Guide: The way of evolution is correct. You see, it is a very gradual process. You must not imagine that this is a sudden appearance. It is a very gradual thing that these prehistoric human shapes, little by little, gradually changed into the present human form. So it is not one human being in the present form who suddenly appears. No. Evolution is a very gradual process.

Evolution goes through mineral, lower animal, plant, higher animal, human being, spirit being. Since the Fall, the created beings split into many parts. The further the split, the lower the development. The more development progresses, the less remains of the split of the original being – the soul particles melt together.

But there is spirit in all created beings. There is just less of spirit-matter in the lower forms. In this respect, science is closer to the truth, although science interprets it a little differently. It leaves out many important angles.

You all know now that human beings produce their spiritual world. And on Earth where the influence of God’s world also existed, for the first time since the Fall, they now had the opportunity to learn, to change, to turn to God and thus to create a better world for themselves, in both matter and spirit.

They would go to the spirit world after the death of the body and also during sleep when the body rested. From the spirit world they would receive inspirations and influences of all sorts. This is why development cannot proceed faster – for all the incarnated beings were at first so low in their development that they were constantly influenced by their own sphere. If God’s world had not acted on this earth too, there would not have been any difference between the earth sphere and a sphere in the world of darkness.

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