QA229 GUIDE COMMENT: Greetings and blessings for all of you, my dearest friends here. This particular talk is destined specifically for the new friends who have found their way here for the first time. However, the blessings and the love and the energy given forth richly can nourish every one of you here if you so desire, if you so open your hearts and your minds to take in so that you can then give out all the more.

Now, to my new friends I say: your soul has longed and is longing for a pathway in which you find your dormant potentials to be who you are meant to be. This longing may be quite conscious with some of you, and it may not be so conscious with others. In the latter instance, this longing manifests indirectly, in a sense of unrest, in a sense of incompletion, in the feeling there is more to life than what you experience.

Many human beings have that feeling, but most rationalize this feeling away by saying, “Well, that is reality; I cannot be more; I cannot experience more; I cannot feel more. I’d better accept this reality.” There exists a great deal of confusion about acceptance and resignation. Acceptance means, in the real sense of the word, that you understand the problem as a problem, but that you also know these are incomplete states that you do not have to endure. Resignation, however, means there is no other way and I’d better make do with it. Yet, behind this attitude exists a lot of fear.

What is this fear? When it comes down to the basics, it is always fear of self, fear that your innate feelings and attitudes are dangerous, will bring you trouble, and cannot be accepted by you or others, and that you are basically an unlovable person. These feelings and this experience of self are always false, for every one of you is a unique divine manifestation.

You may have heard these words again and again from this source and other sources, but it is forgotten; it is not heeded. It is not taken into consideration, especially when the personality is not really conscious of the abiding fear of self that leads to a resignation, and as a consequence, to making do with a tiny percentage of the potentials of happiness, of pleasure, of rich contribution to life and experience and joy that you could have and be.

So that fear must be overcome, and in order to do so, it requires a very specific and well-guided pathway in which the steps complement all the layers and levels of the self that are at variance with one another.

My dearest friends – the new friends here, as well as my familiar old friends – you each have a valuable contribution to make if you can unearth your core, your essence, that is overlaid by the fears of self and by the errors that lead to negative attitudes and fears. They are truly but a cloud that is to disperse, if you have the courage to delve into the cloud.

Each one of you is indeed special in the right kind of sense. Not in the superior-over-others kind of sense, but in the sense that you all represent a divine quality that is needed and that forms an integral part of a whole, without which the whole cannot be.

When you fulfill this task, this inner calling, there are several aspects on this. It is necessary that you learn to love yourself, that you learn to find who you really are behind that which is less desirable and which must be deemed as such without sentimentality. But it only forms a small cloud, my friends. It is not the firmament of your inner being.

So if you can accept and love yourself, you can give and be happy and you can function as a rich, abundant, nourishing being. Only then can you also feel deserving of all the abundance that is truly available for you.

You do not have to do without – without emotional fulfillment, without the joys of body, mind, spirit and material abundance. It is your birthright. But it is your belief that you cannot have it, must not have it, should not have it, that creates an insurmountable barrier.

That belief can be altered only when you discover the negative aspects of self without denying your beauty and your greatness. In fact, only then can you find it. But beware of the artificiality, the game, as it were, that wants to do away with all your value because you are perhaps too proud to face them.

This pride then creates a fear of losing yourself in an imaginary abyss. And here on this Path you learn the abyss is indeed illusion. As you have courage to go into this abyss, you find the only firm foothold of your reality, the reality that is neither glossed over when it is not so palatable, nor is it exaggerated and enhanced in its perfection because you wish for more divine manifestation at this point than you have already materialized.

The materialization of your divinity depends solely on your courage and your truthfulness and your commitment and faith in the truth that is – within and without. The commitment to this truth is the essential aspect of any real path of purification. If you attempt to make this commitment deep into yourself, my dearest friends, then check out the reaction of your little fearful personality.

Does it cringe away from the commitment of your goodwill, of your mind? What does that cringing away imply? If you check this out and ask this question of that part of yourself, you will come to the answer that says, “I do not trust the truth.” Once you are aware of that statement within you, the inner battle that you were not conscious of will take an entirely new quality, and the battle will be conscious.

The battle will simply be between that part that does not trust truth, whatever that truth may be – the truth of your inner self, the truth of the universe, the truth of life, the truth of God – and that part in you that seeks desperately the God within and that suffers from the denial of that God, from the denial of trusting that truth, from the denial of making a full and total commitment to all of yourself. For that is what this Path is.

You must not think in terms of making a commitment to an outer organization. Of course, I have said these words many times before, but for those of you who hear me for the first time, I repeat this. This Path is primarily and above all a total commitment to all of yourself.

The outer framework of friends who help you and who share this Path with you is the aid that is necessary, for without such aid no one can avoid getting lost in the maze of the confusions and misunderstandings that create the distrust of self in the first place.

So you need the interaction, the encouragement, the love, the understanding, and the guidance of others who are with you – some perhaps in a similar stage of the Path at the beginning, some who have already traversed hurdles and have found an inner plateau of security and joy, at least to a considerable amount, comparatively speaking.

The time of realizing the security and joy will grow. It will come and go at the beginning, but it will grow until it becomes the manifest personality, so that even an outer mishap can never destroy the inner security and joyousness. This can, indeed, be.

This Path will lead you to a state of utter self-dependence and consequently full relating with others. This again is often a hindrance, because you falsely believe such a Path leads you to a dependency on those around you, while a dependency you may experience is the dependency that is already within you.

Only as you learn to trust your inner being and your outer being – because you have the courage to commit yourself to all the truth, to all of you – will you learn that dependency is not loneliness but relating and that the interdependence does not require a rebellious attitude toward authority.

These are concepts that will perhaps at first merely exist in the mind. But as you look at yourself, you will find variations of the theme. On the one hand will be an extremely strong desire to depend on someone who gives it all to you, who knows more than you, who has the answers, and who takes the consequences for your failings, which is perhaps the most important element here.

At the same time, there will be a shame of this dependency, a sense of weakness and a strong rebellion toward those from whom you wish help. Thereby you overlook the help that can be given and reject it again and again and again. Those for whom these words are particularly applicable will know it is meant for them.

Then there are others who resist giving up dependency, because they falsely believe it means utter loneliness and lack of relatedness. So they strive for the dependent relationship, for they cannot bear their own loneliness. I say to you, my friends, the loneliness that you experience with or without other human beings around you is a reflection of your fear of self.

If you overcome the fear of self, you can depend on yourself, because you will find the inexhaustible abundance of your own divinity. As such, rich relating is no problem, no awkwardness and imposes no problem at all. It will not exhaust you; it will not obligate you to submit; nor will you make demands of submission.

QUESTION: I understand you can see a person’s psychic landscape, and I was just wondering if you could look at mine and suggest some direction that I might take at this point in my life?

ANSWER: The time has not yet come when a vision of your inner landscape would be helpful for you. But my suggestion is exactly what I said in my talk: make a commitment to your total self, notwithstanding the resistances and fears. Do not think the resistances and fears have to go away before you make this commitment to all of you. On the contrary!

In spite of the existence of fear and resistance within, the step to be taken courageously will then eliminate the fear and resistance. As you make the preliminary commitment and steps, the time will come when I will be able to give you a vision of your inner landscape.

You must also understand that this inner landscape constantly changes. The human personality can be truly likened to someone who is taking a journey. And life is a journey. The constant changes in the inner and outer landscape and experiences and conditions of a person are really what create, on this dimension, the illusion of time. The concept of past, present, future is the result of you traveling through a landscape – the landscape of the inner reality – which manifests also outwardly.

The representation of an inner landscape can be also given from many different points of view and contexts. Imagine yourself on a train. If you look out the window on one side of the train, you may see a completely different landscape than on the other side. Yet it is one landscape. It is one area. And two minutes later, the landscape may have changed.

So I would say first struggle further into your inner being. Explore it with your own courage and commitment. Learn about attitudes that you fear, and learn to understand your misunderstandings and your misbeliefs and your misconceptions. Then when you have gained your own vision to some extent of an inner landscape in you, the time may come when I can give an additional such picture.

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