QA165 QUESTION: Whenever I feel inadequately valued by someone in authority, I react with the most vicious, intense resentment, way, way, far out of proportion. I wish you would talk about that.

ANSWER: Yes. In your unconscious psychic substance – this creative, living substance that governs every individual’s life – you are imprinted with the idea that every person in authority is particularly against you – in a very vicious way, against you. This is why you are forced to turn, with vicious resentment, against this authority.

The discrepancy there is that consciously, with your more mature intellect, you do not see this. You may even be emotionally – on that more or less conscious level – quite convinced that such and such a person really means well and is for you and is harmless and so on and so forth.

But unconsciously, the imprint is extremely deep that says, “enemy! enemy!” And therefore you are triggered off into this kind of a reaction.

So my advice here is, allow yourself to really let this irrational voice of the childish unconscious come to the surface. Listen to it, observe it with your more mature mind, and then sort of come to terms with it. Reeducate it after you let it out.

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