QA240A QUESTION: Do you have any specific guidance for us as a group [Washington group]? In the guidance we received last night, it was clear that one direction is to move toward simply feeling our unity with the entire Pathwork and to look at the ways that we stay separate. Also, is there any guidance you can give us about our individuality within the whole?

ANSWER: Yes. The first thing I say to you is that your progress, your work, is blessed and wonderful. Surely you can feel this and see it manifested. I want to encourage you to continue in this work.

The second thing I’d like to say is always and always and always in the ego structure – in the world that man lives in – the false thinking of competition is such hindrance and also such a delusion. It exists in all possible combinations. It exists within one group, within one unit; it can exist from group to group; it can, and does, exist from nation to nation, from brother to brother, sister to sister, and so on and so forth. It exists among leaders and followers. It exists in every possible combination you can think of.

But I warn you that that is such a great danger if it is being overlooked, if it is not being recognized, if it is being explained away by the rationales. There are so many different ways in which this can be denied. Whether you’re here or there or anywhere, you all must look out for this.

If Helpers among each other do this, they harm their own process in their own growth and in their Helpership. If groups do this, the same happens. Whenever you discover it, immediately make the act of giving it up, even if all of your inner levels cannot fully accept it yet. Do it in group and do it individually.

You are all one; each individual is an integral part necessary in the whole, without which the whole could not quite function in the same way; none is more or less, and therefore your struggle in that way is foolish and futile and a waste of so much valuable energy.

This is always the greatest human factor. If you discover this and learn to give this up, you will see the individuality of the group entity will emerge clear and clean and beautiful and strong, more so and more so, with every day that goes by. And each of your own individuality will, of course, do the same.

You will find all your values only as you stop measuring your values in comparison with others, for that is indeed a false value system. You will see that each group has its own intrinsic individuality, as it has its common bond. And the love and truth and growth in each will unite you even more.

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