QA242 QUESTION: My husband and I would like very much to have a baby in the near future and we feel very committed to want to really clean out everything we can to pave the way for that and to give our best. We’ve been working on our relationship – improving it and really being able to make a connection with one another – for a long time. We’re having a lot of difficulty. It seems like when one of us is in a very giving place, the other closes down, and vice versa. Right now, I’m experiencing my withholding like I’ve never experienced before, and I’d really appreciate some help with this.

ANSWER: I would say several things to you, both. You do not need to be perfect in order to make room for a soul to inhabit this dimension. However, it is very important that you truly want to be hospitable to this soul for entirely positive reasons, and not to use the presence of this entity in order to avoid loving and growing and relating on an adult plane.

If you search your hearts and your inner minds, and you can truly say “I overwhelmingly want this child, to give this child the best possible foundation to fulfill a task in the New Age, to make room for a spirit truly steeped in New Age principles. I know what the price is, but I will not use its presence in order to get away from loving my mate, from feeling my sexuality, and from growing and giving my best to my personal growth process.”

If you can answer this predominantly Yes, then indeed the time is ripe, right now. You both need to give yourselves this answer. No one else can tell it to you. The difficulties will always occur. They are not the criteria at all. The criterion is: will you use these difficulties constructively and not use the presence of the baby in order to avoid dealing with the difficulties.

The difficulties are trusting the positive force of mutuality, of being open to pleasure, of saying Yes to a Yes, not Yes to a No, and No to a Yes. If you can want this and see the difficulties and not avoid them, then you will truly build the house needed for a developed soul to enter this sphere.

I also would like to say something that is more general but that will also be of specific help to you. At the same time, it will give all of you some general information about certain evolutionary processes in connection with birth. Until very recently in your time, birth could only be gone through by the mother under extreme pain or in unconsciousness, which, of course, did not eliminate the pain. It only prevented it from reaching conscious awareness.

Such pain would contract the whole physical and soul system, and would consequently give the infant a commensurate pain. This condition of the pain of the mother and the pain of the infant corresponded to an attitude in the majority of the incarnating entities which was more or less – the degrees fluctuated – an unwillingness to enter this sphere.

This unwillingness produced a condition of pain, and the condition of pain produced a contraction. It is a well-known fact – no one needs to be particularly clairvoyant to see – that the mother suffered and the born infant suffered. Then, as evolution proceeded, now it is beginning to change.

This is not to say that entities who are still in a state of unwillingness to deal with their inner problems and therefore who reject the sphere that offers them the climate to deal with those problems, no longer exist. But the entity Earth has reached another evolutionary phase so that it can now house more developed entities, who are also, therefore, more willing to come into this sphere.

The less developed entities that previously came into this sphere will be drawn to another sphere that will be commensurate with the state of development and the conditions that were prevalent in the old age consciousness and that still exists, of course, in your Earth, but that very rapidly disappears.

So more and more, entities are drawn here who are intrinsically willing to incarnate, and that creates an openness that no longer necessitates a contraction and a pain. That, in turn, is the agent that creates the scientific discoveries of conscious painless birth.

I think this knowledge might give you perhaps a wider and helpful perspective about where you find yourself, and in what stage of development you as an individual entity and the entity Earth are all involved together.

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