QA221 QUESTION: I have a very severe physical problem with relation to animals. When I get into this condition, I feel totally stripped of power, strength, totally helpless, totally a victim, completely unable to change the course of it. I interpret other people’s reactions to me as severe judgement and anger and criticism. I’m just very defensive and completely unable to work on this, because the helplessness I feel contrasts with other people’s desire to have me see intentionality – the two become very, very conflicted. I would like some help in how I can begin to focus on this problem.

ANSWER: The level of manifestation in many other areas, as well, is so far removed from the intent that you are at that level, indeed, helpless in your own process. That helplessness must be accepted as a temporary state. However, you must also realize that you have the possibility to go deeper and to re-create the connection, until you will really see the meaning and the intent that is on a much, much deeper level.

The only way I can perhaps give you a hint is by saying that it is like a dream; you are helpless in the dream you have. You cannot really, on the level of manifestation, control your dream. Nevertheless, on a deeper level, the dream reflects intentionalities. These attitudes are reflections of your intentions in some way. In this particular case, if you take this as a dream symbol, it reflects the animal life.

You reject your own animal life – the life in you that moves and has its being without your ego control. You are very anxious about these movements in you. And you treat them like dangerous or undesirable animals. That is then a reflection, this attitude. You really project it, symbolize it outwardly, on the animal. You are then, in reality and on the level of your reality, as helpless to your reactions to the animals as you believe you would be helpless if you give in to the so-called animalistic feelings if you do not willfully control them. Now, I say that it is not so difficult for you to establish an emotional link with what I say.

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