QA177 QUESTION: In relation to the talk before about constriction and evil, this is the activity of the negative Saturn, the negative Saturn expression. But surely there’s something positive about the Saturn force. Could you tell us?

ANSWER: In other words, what the positive aspects of the contraction could be? Of course. In fact, I gave a lecture a long time ago on the three movements in the positive movement [Lecture #55 Three Cosmic Principles: The Expanding, the Restricting, and the Static Principles]. It was many, many, many years ago – the expansion, the contraction, and the momentary static movement.

Static movement may sound like a contradiction, but it is not. I explained this in that lecture. But the positive aspect of contraction is that it is an in-gathering of force – if it is not protracted contraction. If it is a harmonious flow that is alternating with the expansion that is rhythmic, that is spontaneous, that is organic, then it is a part of the healthy total movement. For there could be no movement without these aspects of the expansion, the contraction, and the momentary halt between them.

Now, contraction is in-gathering; it connotes self-introspection, healthy introspection. It connotes sustaining, in a good way. In order to sustain feelings, if you would only expand and there would be no healthy contracting movement, there would be no sustenance. And that sustenance is part of growth, the enduring quality. Also, in the contracting movement in its healthy aspect is contained the perseverance, the labor of building and gathering and holding in until it’s ready to come forth again.

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