QA238 QUESTION: This is a question concerning the Pathwork construction company in the city. In our working together, we experience many aspects of our negativity. I have seen how I am recreating and acting out the relationship I had with my father, how I now assume his role in our company as a father – harsh and authoritarian to the sons, rebellious and unruly.

I have also seen how I encourage this by my attitude towards my own inner authority in the betrayal of my feelings and of my need. To confront our problems and make wise decisions, has not been easy. As a group, we ask for your help in understanding how we can best approach our problems and for any specific guidance you can give us to aid in working through our negative creations in business.

ANSWER: The awareness that you have expressed here of all the involved people with lower self, makes it possible for you to very quickly make another commitment and expression. It is very often that after these negative attitudes are found, that you needlessly remain in them rather than at once praying for the ability to give it up.

For example, if you see yourself assuming the authoritarian father role, you can immediately, by yourself and with your group, meditate and give it up, saying the words “I want to give this up. I do not need this role in order to be strong, in order to be a man. My manhood, my strength, my positive power can come from real and divine attitudes, from my willing surrender to the will of God, to doing what we do in truth and love and beauty, in a spirit of sincerity, in doing the work for its own sake, so that the rewards can be earned without guilt.”

By pronouncing this, you immediately create another energy system – and by the same token your friends can do the same – not to make a father out of you, not to continue playing the game and saying the words. You are all full-fledged men in the service of a higher cause, men who fulfill beautiful tasks, not only through the work you do with your hands – that too is a divine activity or can become a divine activity, if you imbue it with God – but also through the tasks that you are involved in in this community and in what is awaiting you.

Eliminate the unnecessary attitudes that you truly have outgrown by meditating again and again – together and by yourselves – and meaning the commitment and asking for guidance and trusting the guidance. The guidance will give you a new attitude in which you can be firm and yet not be this father figure, in which you will know when firmness and when giving in are in place. The inner inspiration will come for that. More and more, your undertaking, your enterprise, will be blessed. The blessings that are already there will become more noticeable to you.

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