QA242 QUESTION: This past Sunday I was in a car accident. I neglected to yield “Right of Way” at a yield sign, and I was hit and spun around and turned over. When I got home, I felt relieved but the relief wasn’t necessarily of being all right. The relief was that it finally happened. I sort of feel that I was expecting this. I’ve had visions ever since I got my license of being in an accident. And twice recently I locked myself out of my car; I think in retrospect it was to prevent me from driving. But the feeling was a good one. I felt like now I could begin to live because this is behind me. I don’t really understand it. Also, the two men in the other car were both Indian men and I feel like, given my connection with India and past incarnations, that maybe there’s some significance there.

ANSWER: The inner meaning and the real significance, the symbolic message of this accident has to do, not only with what you said. In a sense you’re right: you can begin to live; you have gone through what you had to go through. But I will show it here how this is true on a deeper level and in a more comprehensive way.

You are very reluctant to yield. And this reluctance creates crisis on an inner level in your life, much, much more severe than this outer manifestation. It creates the danger of pollution and explosion, the explosion of tremendously strong forces that cannot flow. They need an outlet and therefore they crash.

If the yielding is not encouraged, a crash must ensue – literally and figuratively. Now, the relief you experienced was that in your inner being, in your soul, you knew you needed an outer shaking up in order to make you understand the necessity of changing and of learning how to yield – of the strength that lies in yielding

Not yielding is a brittleness that is the danger; the yielding is the real strength. In the flexibility of yielding is the real power – the driving force – to learn how to yield.

The incarnator is of much less importance. You have lived in many other countries. But the Indian nationality is part of that symbolic picture in that the Indian culture is one that is very yielding, where the feminine principle is very strongly represented – perhaps too strongly. But you need some of this to fulfill your whole being.

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