QA195 QUESTION: A few months ago, I had a very painful experience after drinking too much. It made me very sick. I talked with my Helper about this, but I wonder if you could give me more understanding of why I did it?

ANSWER: Yes. Do you not know at all why you did it?

QUESTION: I was emotionally upset, but there must be something deeper than that, and I’m not sure what.

ANSWER: If you can search within yourself, somewhere inside there is a very strong determination: “I do not want to experience unpleasant feelings. I do not want to give up certain things that have become custom and pleasant or apparently pleasant to me.” Then you will realize why you were taking refuge in this crass way from something that you feel disinclined to deal with.

If you can, bring out that voice that is very adamant and, at the same time, still very much in the illusion to believe that this might be possible to avoid. It is not possible. The sooner you go into it, the better it is. But first of all, verify, express this voice: “I do not want anything unpleasant – neither to feel, nor to give up, nor make sacrifices, nor make efforts in certain ways; other ways, perhaps yes.”

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