124 QUESTION: What are the metaphysical mechanics concerning the hardening of the brain arteries, impairing a patient’s mental capacities? Why does it happen? What can be done to help?

ANSWER: It happens because of a protective mechanism in the human psyche. It enables a person on the border between this manifestation of life and a different dimension of life to make the period of transition less painful physically, as well as mentally.

Mental pain exists in individuals who are filled with fear and uncertainty. When inner problems remain unsolved, as you know, the fear of the unknown is very strong. It could almost be likened to a form of anesthesia that nature administers if necessary. This is a blessed thing indeed.

This already answers your second question, because when you understand and see it in this light, understanding will eliminate an inner current of anxiety, which in turn would be picked up by the patient’s unconscious. Fears become burdens, but here the absence of apprehension will bring further relief.

If you no longer push and press against the natural process, but gratefully see it as what it is, there will be no pressure from you on the unconscious of the patient. This will make it easier for the patient to give in to relief, instead of fighting against it in shame spurred on by a false conscience. This may happen in an ever so subtle way.

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