QA255 QUESTION: I have an extremely disturbed reaction to blood. Sometimes it is the sight of blood, and other times a description of a wound or abnormal bleeding is enough to set me off. My reaction is to go into a kind of shock, where I become faint, nauseous and sweating, with a faint and irregular heartbeat. This does not apply to menstrual blood, which I usually feel quite fine about. It especially does apply to cuts and bleeding accompanying miscarriage, for example.

I feel that in some ways I want this – to be special. I also don’t want it anymore. Especially now, I want to work with people in the field of health, and this gets in the way. I want to understand the inner meaning of my feelings, and hope that you can help me with this. Sometimes I wonder if there are links to experiences in another lifetime in this.

ANSWER: Yes, these are karmic residuals that very strongly affect your psyche. This fact also triggers off a fear that the blood represents life – the only life. In other words, if there is no longer any physical life, if all the blood has stopped flowing, than consciousness ceases. This connection is made in your psyche and accounts for much of your reaction.

It would be helpful if you could try to establish this connection in your consciousness now. Your reactions can be translated into fear of loss of life, fear that there is only physical life. Once you make this connection, it will be much easier to deal with the problem. Eventually, the reaction to blood will lessen and finally perhaps disappear completely.

You can then direct your attention to the cause and deal with the problem of your doubts, as all human beings must at one point or another. The more you face your doubts, the stronger your faith will become, although you may not see this immediately. You have grown so much in the recent months that you have no cause to worry about your path and your life. All is blessed.

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