QA171 QUESTION: Can you comment upon the over-activity of the nervous system that leads to convulsive-like movements, which completely destroy the unity of the muscular function?

ANSWER: Yes. Such reflexes are vastly the result of holding back other functions that should flow harmoniously. It is as though you have a powerful energy and you deliberately hold it – you contract it. It cannot really be held.

It can be contracted but it cannot be inactivated, because a live energy must seek an outlet. In certain organisms the outlet happens inadvertently in spasms, in kicks, or some such manifestations. That is, broadly speaking, the reason.

I think a person who understands this would find it easier to also perceive the damage he inflicts upon himself by not giving himself to his involuntary system. Yet also he has to understand in order to trust his involuntary system, certain elements of strength and of ego integrity must be established.

For when the ego lacks the integrity and the self-responsibility necessary, it is impossible to trust the involuntary forces, as you know. So if this chain reaction can be unrolled for the person, it would be extremely useful.

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