QA233 QUESTION: I’ve had diabetes for a few years now. Lately, it has weakened the nerve of my foot and I can scarcely walk. I want to be enlightened. Can you help me and show me the obstruction that causes this?

ANSWER: Yes. There are two aspects here. One is the diabetes itself and the other is the nerve obstruction in the leg. They both have different meanings, but as is always the case, these meanings are always interrelated and interconnected.

Diabetes is in most instances, and so also in yours, very much a result of unfulfilled needs and therefore bitterness. The sweetness that is needed creates an inner bitterness. The sweetness that does not come forth creates a kind of bitter resignation on a very deep emotional level. As you know, diabetes has to do with sugar.

The sugar in the blood is a direct result of the consciousness that craves for emotional sweetness, producing the sweetness in a distorted self-damaging way. But, of course, connected with this and with all illnesses, needless to say, is always the final inner idea of worthlessness. In other words, when you equate the unfulfilled longing with worthlessness – when that is very strong – then you create all sorts of symptoms, so also physical illness.

The difficulty in the leg has very much to do with a lack of self-confidence, which in turn creates a conviction that you cannot stand on your own two legs in life. Your belief of being inadequate has created life circumstances and finally physical circumstances that out-picture this belief, and that is the manifestation.

And yet, you needed that self-produced manifestation in order to enter the Path to resolve these problems within your soul. That is a great wonderful victory, a victory that you feel in the lightness of heart, no matter what the physical symptoms may now be. Is this not true? {Yes}

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