QA155 QUESTION: My sister is very worried about her eight-year-old son who has frequent headaches. Could you tell me anything I can share with her?

ANSWER: Yes. I would say these headaches are primarily an expression or manifestation of holding back the vital life forces which he is afraid of. He is afraid of their manifestation in himself. He is afraid because their expression may be frustrated by the environment. And it would have to be.

This may not seem easy – and it may not even really be not easy at all – but if he is to be helped for his entire future development, it will be absolutely necessary that a way be found in which he can be reached in this way. For actually, if and when adults are free and uninhibited themselves, it is very easy to reach a child in a most direct and simple manner.

It would be up to the parents to search deep within themselves, in meditation and in very serious consideration and in patient observation of the child, to find the way – patient observation to find that these words I say here are truth. It is no more complicated than that.

For actually, all the other things that can be found are really indirect manifestations of the same thing. This is the direct route. The child is very anxious, and he is very anxious about these forces, and he’s also very anxious about the extreme frustration that makes him, of course, as always, very angry, very puzzled, very confused and unable to deal with the world and his own forces within. He feels constrained and constricted.

The powers are so strong that they create a specific pressure in the head. This is my answer. Now, how to go about it. This, of course, would be up to them. I cannot say anything else at this moment. It would be their seriously wanting to see and approach this problem at its depth, and not with superficial rationalizations and evasions of this problem, for there can be many explanations which are really but evasions.

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