QA213 QUESTION: I’m taking a linguistics course in school.

ANSWER: A what course?

QUESTION: Linguistics – the study of language. We’ve been told that there are several theories as to the origin of language, which have been advanced by various people. But at the present state of development of the science, not even the people who advance the theory believe them. No one really knows what the origin of language is. I was wondering if you could tell me? [Great laughter]

ANSWER: Human language from the point of view of reality, the way I experience reality, is a crutch – a crutch to communicate on a level of consciousness into which you are thrust in a very disconnected level of awareness. Everything is disconnected. You call this sphere in which you live, the Earth – planet Earth.

Now, a spiritual language, of course, takes place in a totally different way that cannot be explained in this limited awareness. Language is a reflection of the dimension of consciousness that is available to you at the present state.

For example, in spiritual language, your earth sphere has a name that cannot be translated into the human language, but the name implies the following concepts: a sphere of disconnection, a dimension of awareness where everything is fragmented and where holes exist between awarenesses. These interruptions, these missing links in awareness, mislead and distort reality.

I mean, it takes me, in human language, all these sentences which still convey only a small particle of the one concept about what this dimension Earth means. This may give you an intuitive inkling of language.

Language is an attempt to communicate. And communication is dependent on self-awareness, and awareness therefore of the universe. To the degree your awareness deepens and widens in scope, to that degree you are better able to communicate, even through this limited vehicle of the human language. And that is the best way I can explain it.

QUESTION: Can you say anything about the historical beginnings of language – how it was originally created by man?

ANSWER: Yes, the historical beginnings are sounds of animals. And just as the animals who had inhabited the earth before man came into existence have gradually evolved from movements – movements that lead to connecting meaning – so, for example, utensils have been built.

So as with the sounds that animals make, which are attempts of communication on a lesser level of awareness, so language has evolved into ever greater differentials, and more complicated, complex structures in order to communicate consciousness. So language is parallel in development to the state of human consciousness.

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