QA238 QUESTION: I have a question about the female body and the changes it goes through in the later years. I’ve been in this condition for a number of years and in order to alleviate the symptoms of it, I have to depend on pills. I want to eliminate this and to work at it from a different level, from an inner as well as an outer level, and I’d appreciate any help or comments on it.

ANSWER: The only way you can meaningfully meet these symptoms is if you realize that these symptoms reveal something important about you. Each symptom is, in a sense, a message. A human being goes through various stages in life – in every age, in both sexes – and each has its various phases.

These stages or phases have in their purpose to bring out what is not conscious. In other words, if certain conditions – either in the body or in the outer climate or conditions – are difficult for you, then these difficulties serve the purpose to bring out something within you that you need to know in this particular period of your life. It is no different than other periods or other events or other outer conditions.

So make yourself aware of what your body is telling you. Your body may give you various messages, some of them conflicting. On the one hand, your body claims the state of aliveness that you have denied it. This may appear in a temporary condition of super-aliveness. When you reject this aliveness, it will become more acute. If you allow the aliveness that may manifest – unpleasantly at the moment – to go through you and not fear it and not deny it, you will get in touch with feelings that you have previously rejected.

If this rejection of your feelings would not take place, then you would not have to encounter such manifestations. And the changes that are normal, that are meaningful, and that have their purpose, would not create disturbances in your system. In other words the disturbance of a change in bodily condition is only due because you disturbed originally the flow of your own feelings.

You can reestablish this flow, perhaps even easier, while you encounter these manifestations and use them as if they were a medicine, as if they were message, which indeed they are.

Now, if we bring back this problem that made you ask this question, to the topic of loving, it would be very easy for you to understand how you deny the law of love – in the first place, not loving your own body, your own sexuality, but fearing and hating it. And by fearing and hating it, you have created conditions so that your body needs to rebel.

Sometimes this rebellion goes undiscovered, undetected – it is an inner rebellion. But at certain phases and periods in your life, the rebellion becomes known. Along with not loving your own body, your own feeling self, your sexual self, you thereby also made it impossible to truly love the opposite sex.

When you encounter manifestations that are apparently disturbing to you, connect with how your body rebels against not loving – you not loving it, and you not loving men. Use this manifestation and this message to willingly and intentionally open up more toward this twofold love, whether or not you can immediately bring it into manifestation, into actual experience.

In that state the change will not be a deterioration as you seem to experience it, but simply a new way of experiencing life. Each succession of phases must be an enhancement to the previous one if your mind is thus directed. If that consciousness is cultivated in you, you will then go into a better state, not a worse state.

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