QA221 QUESTION: I have a great difficulty making choices, especially among things that seem pleasurable or seem valuable, such as ideas or things or paths. I wonder how to hear my inner voice better and to trust it and also whether it is possible to choose several things that seem related, and to be in commitment.

ANSWER: It is possible, but it is sometimes also a way of avoiding a one-pointed commitment that really brings results. I would say your difficulty in hearing the inner voice lies in not being aware of the specific blocks in that respect. I can give you some hints here.

In the first place, there is a deep and irrational hope and desire not to have to pay any price. And making a decision means there’s a certain price attached to it. There are certain results; there are certain consequences. You choose this, and it has these apparent advantages and these apparent disadvantages.

On that level of manifestation where there are advantages and disadvantages to be chosen, as opposed to advantages and disadvantages of the other alternative. Because if there is a desire here not to pay any disadvantages, having the advantages of all contingencies, you will be unable to make a commitment or a decision and therefore you will also be unable to hear the inner voice.

The way you want to hear the inner voice is like a magic wand that gives you the solution that you will have no price to pay. That little neurotic cheating inside makes the voice inaudible – because you approach the voice with these unrecognized attitudes. I say to you, only when the human being grows and matures sufficiently to be able to give something up – willingly – does the deeper truth of the universal realities communicate themselves in which there truly is no more loss – there’s only gain.

But you cannot come to that from the platform of the greedy child that wants to accept no loss at all. Then you have to traverse the tunnel where you have to be able to deal with the reality of this world first. Then the greater reality of unification and no loss will come naturally.

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