QA232 QUESTION: I have a very severe gum infection that will probably require dental surgery, and of course, I will go ahead on the dental level. But I feel it does have meaning for me.

ANSWER: You need to feel the energetic meaning and the conceptual meaning and the reality in these movements with your teeth – the clenching and the biting movements. Get in touch with the stream of energy that goes in there and that you did not allow expression to and withheld in your fear.

As you do that, meditatively visualize the positive expression of the same energy and you can transform it in that way. Of course, on the physical level, the work has to take place. But you will then prevent the process from further manifestation, because you will have transformed that energy.


QA241 QUESTION: For many years I have had problems with my teeth and my gums. This fall it became very serious so I went to consult with several periodontists. Some of them advised total surgery of the gums, which I didn’t want to do because I felt it was a very drastic and traumatic thing and it was also very expensive. Other periodontists suggested that my bite should be taken care of along with deep cleaning. Since February I have been going to one of these periodontists and he has done that. Then another dentist recently advised that I should have complete surgery. I’m very upset and I’m very scared and I don’t know what I should do. I always think of when John Pierrakos says to me that I so quickly say Yes to any doctor who wants to operate on me. I have tried now another way, but I’m not sure if I’ve done right.

ANSWER: Obviously I cannot and will not tell you what you should do. But what I will help you with is to see what inner attitudes exist in you that create this conflict. And they are traits that are applicable, and as it is, to both sides – to the Yes and to the No; to doing it and to not doing it.

There is, number one, a tremendous fear in you that exaggerates both. When you are overeager to go and follow every doctor’s advice, it is as much fear there as if you deny and do not want to do it at all. Your fear of this whole issue is indeed highly exaggerated, which does not mean that you should or should not do it. It is just the fearfulness that really comes from a very strong self-will and from a very strong holding.

The teeth in themselves are a symbolic expression of the holding – the sexual holding, the aggressive holding – in a positive sense. The holding is not released. The aggression is not released. So you hold on. You therefore create an energetic block that in turn has also created this condition. And that is what you have to look at and work on if you really wish to come to know what your higher self advises.

But your anxiety stemming from the self-will and the holding quality – the not letting go – is directly an obstruction to your higher-self channels and inspiration. You see, when you do not want to do it, you use an argument where you want to obey doctors too quickly in order to hold in this way. You hold the money; you hold the feeling; you hold your trust; you hold everything. And that is the very condition that is so problematic.

Your emotional reaction is truly way out of proportion. For what you fear is merely a pain and an inconvenience and an expenditure. But it is not tragic; and it is your self-will that says “No, my way – no pain, no loss, no inconvenience.” That tightness, that specific holding, creates fear and consequently conflict.

So I very strongly advise that you look very carefully and specifically at these traits that are embedded in you in this fear both ways – the fear of doing it and the fear of not doing it. As long as you do not examine both fears and what is behind it, you will not know what to do. Do you understand me?

QUESTION: Yes. Thank you very much. It’s really exactly where I am right now.

ANSWER: Yes. This is why it would be so damaging and wrong to advise someone in this position – do this or do that. Because the inner condition that created the situation has to be explored.

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