QA178 QUESTION: In the morning when man rises, he goes and washes his face. They say that people, after they wash their face, have a clearer head or feel refreshed. Could you comment upon the role that the water plays in these energy movements? What is it doing?

ANSWER: Water holds a tremendous amount of purifying energy – providing the water is not stagnant or polluted, of course. But clear water has that. And human beings dream of water. Water symbolizes, very often, the flow of feelings, as well as purification. It is the living flow, the living energy stream.

The purification of the body is as necessary as the purification of the mind and the feelings. A person who is healthy and has more health than unhealth in his attitudes will use water with gladness. He will sense intuitively the purifying effect. He will use it for purification of his outer body; he will use it for purification of his inner body by drinking it; and he will feel the energy in a pleasant way in the presence of a body of water.

Symbolically he will have exactly the same inwardly with the feelings – the flow of feelings, not to be stagnant in the feelings, not to be polluted in the feelings. The flow is there by nature, just as water flows by nature. The sick personality has that flow stopped like the flow of the water that is in a stagnant polluted pool, where the water is unmoving. So it is with man’s feelings which do not move.

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