QA154 QUESTION: How can you fight air pollution – the effects of fog and humidity and very bad air – on a spiritual level?

ANSWER: One can make oneself immune to anything that exists outwardly, to the degree one becomes healthy and whole, and to the degree energy is not caught and condenses into hard blocks and knots or is converted into destructive feelings.

When the whole flow of energy is released, the outer effects become less and less and less. That is the only way. And you can ascertain that this is not a theory. This is a practical and ascertainable truth. All you have to do is look at people who live vigorously and are unafraid to look at themselves in truth and thereby accomplish self-realization in spurts – they have the energy.

They do not seem to be affected by anything like that. This is not a privilege granted them. This is a cause and effect relationship, open to every human being who does not wish to escape from himself.

Any negative effects that manifest in a person’s life can always and should always and must always be brought back to: “Where am I looking away from myself? Where do I not accept something in myself? Where do I try to escape from where I am and what I am at this moment?”

Whenever life is approached in this way, you have the basic key that opens the kingdom of heaven right now.

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