60 QUESTION: Many times you stated that our psyche is in some way an electromagnetic field. Is it, from your point of view, in any way similar to the electromagnetic fields of modern physics? Or are they different in vibration rate?

ANSWER: The rate of vibration or frequency can be very different. It depends on what or who it is. The frequency rate of vibration varies between an animal and a plant, between two animals, between two human beings, let alone between all other things. Everything that has energy – and you know that even your material objects are full of energy – has or is an electromagnetic energy field.

The nature of these fields varies also between one object and the other. This depends on the material of which they are constructed, and it even varies between two objects of the same material, because many, many other factors also play a role. But the basic principle is the same, of course. Energy fields exist in everything, from what is apparently a dead object to what is obviously a live organism.

Their emanation, frequency, rate of vibration, color, tone, scent, and all other attributes vary according to a great number of factors that influence this magnetic field. Many of their manifestations I could not even describe, for you have not yet discovered them and therefore they are unnamed in the human language. Some you may never even discover on this Earth plane. But in principle, all are energy fields and as such certainly the same.

QUESTION: Could this concept be applied to our tonal system, within and beyond the range of our auditory perception?

ANSWER: Yes, absolutely. I can foresee a time on your Earth plane – some of you may already see the beginnings of it – when you will have machines with which to measure a person’s frequency rate of vibration in tone, in color, and in certain other manifestations – also in energy emanation, if I may call it that.

QUESTION: Also in scent?

ANSWER: That may take longer; it would be much harder to establish technically. But it may come too, eventually. Such a machine will prove extremely useful.

QUESTION: Could it also be used for therapy?

ANSWER: Physical as well as mental therapy. It could be used for all sorts of other things, not to speak of the importance of proving the existence of human beings beyond the physical level.

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