QA149 QUESTION: Can you comment on the nature of the force field of energy of man and the effects that it has upon other people. How is it influenced by nature, by circumstances, climatic conditions and events?

ANSWER: The nature of the energy field of every living creature is the sum total of his personality. It begins with the real inner being, which is then, of course, covered with all these layers, which are really an expression of the errors, the misconceptions and the negative emotions.

It includes how these negative emotions and misconceptions are combined – in what specific characteristic way of the individual – with the way his personal assets are constituted – his major assets, his major liabilities, his idiosyncrasies – together with the way his individuality manifests through all the ages of his inner development – where he is, from the point of view of evolution. In other words, the whole history of this particular individual is expressed in or by the energy field. The energy field is, I would say, a reflection of it.

The vague glances a human being can discover occasionally are only fragments of this total energy field. An entity who is very freed, liberated and completely without layers operates spontaneously and directly from the nucleus of his real self, and therefore is not a creature endowed with a physical body – the physical body being the outermost manifestation of these layers. Such a creature will see the energy field and will immediately know the whole story of that individual. It is like a blueprint. It tells in one picture the whole story.

Entities who are less liberated – and therefore more blind – can only gain glimpses and can, at best – laboriously, through their intuitive perceptions – get inklings of what certain aspects they see might mean.

Now, I come to the second part of your question, which is the effect of the energy field one human being has on other human beings. This again is, when it is put into words, a very complicated process. Yet, in reality, it is very simple.

The inner self perceives unconsciously. What is perceived and how it is perceived depends on the way and degree to which the real nucleus is covered, both in the perceiver and in the one whose field is being perceived. How these two people interrelate depends on how many covers and how thick the covers are.

What are the constitution of the specific covers of the nucleus? How do they affect one another? In other words, are these two people more related on the real self or do they affect one another more on their covers? This is the way, unconsciously, the energy field will be experienced.

To translate this into human terms, you may say you have dislike or like for a person. If you like a person, you perceive the innermost truth of that person. If you dislike a person, something in your outer cover is unable to go through, and you perceive the worst features of this other person.

In this case, only parts of the energy field will be perceived which will re-affect your own energy field that does the perceiving. These are then instinctive reactions to others, rather than intuitive, spontaneous reactions, as opposed to compulsive and impulsive reactions.

This is the way the energy field affects others. It depends on both, and on their ability to perceive through, which is determined by one’s own liberation in specific aspects. It is, for example, possible that a relatively liberated person will react very negatively to someone he meets. This may be so because the worst feature in this person affects a part in the liberated person that is not yet liberated, that he has not yet completely understood in himself.

Now, we come to the third part of your question, which is the influence of climate and natural forces. Here I must emphasize – and I cannot emphasize this strongly enough – such influences are always secondary. For it could not be otherwise.

It could not be that any individual is a prey to circumstances that he cannot control. It is always, finally, the entity itself that determines whether outer conditions, whether they be climatic or others, can affect him or her.

So that, to all intents and purposes, it may seem true that bad weather can have an effect – let us say, to speak in human terms – but this weather condition only brings out a negative condition in the self who is possibly negatively connected with the other person, which comes out much stronger at certain times. This is the answer. Is that clear?

QUESTION: Yes. Also, do we create thought forms with the energy field and what becomes of them? What becomes of the field of a diseased person?

ANSWER: All right, these are two questions. I will answer first the first one: What becomes of the thought forms? This depends on the nature of the thought. If a thought is a thought of truth and reality, the thought form is indestructible – not like a rigid object.

It is indestructible energy that is fluid and constantly the same and yet different, subject to change, subject to be molded to new manifestations of the same truth. For one truth is many things.

The energy that makes up a thought form of truth is part of the universal process, of the cosmic pool of all energy. It is in flux, it is in motion – in continuous harmonious motion. It can be remolded into new forms. It is of the powerful creative substance the whole universe is made of.

Thoughts of untruth or error are, first of all, very rigid forms. They are disharmonious forms that do not easily move and that, therefore, form obstructions in all those people who adhere to these thoughts – either the ones who have created them or others who are affected and influenced by similar thoughts of error.

What becomes of them is, of course, almost self-explanatory. Since it is rigidified energy, these thought forms exist until the energy is loosened – or to put it differently, until the thought of truth changes the rigidified energy. Since every created individual must eventually come to truth – for this is an evolutionary process that cannot be stopped – it is only a question of time (time used as far as the human concept is concerned).

It is something that is inevitable. So, at one time, at one period, every individual realizes the truth. And in that moment the solidified energy is being dissolved and the thought becomes flux again – fluid – and becomes its original creative energy current. Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: Yes. And what becomes of the energy fields of a diseased person?

ANSWER: Oh yes. Well, that is actually, really the same answer as what I said about thought forms of error. Disease is an error. Disease is never anything else. Whenever the entity who is diseased comes to truth, the energy field changes its whole characteristic. So this is the answer there.

Again, like with the thoughts of untruth, it is only a question of time – when is truth realized? – so that destructive and congested energy dissolves and changes into its original creative form.


QA165 QUESTION: Can you comment upon the similarities and the differences of the energies of the animate and inanimate?

ANSWER: In manifestation, of course, because essentially there is no difference. Is that what you mean – in manifestation, within itself? {Yes}

Let me begin with the animate. The animate energy has a tremendous motility. It has a tremendous rate of frequency – very, very fast. It moves so fast that the human eye, in most instances, is unable to perceive it.

In a way, the principle perhaps can be compared to when you see a propeller. When it moves very fast, you cannot see the various parts of it. It is the same principle. With animate energy, the higher it is developed, the faster it is. The higher the consciousness of it – the clearer and more undistorted by error and fear – the faster it moves.

While inanimate matter is so slow that it seems motionless. Again, I cannot say that it is motionless, for there really is no such thing. For everything that lives must be in motion. But sometimes the motion is so slow that it can be seen with the human eye, just as the motion can be so fast that it cannot be seen with the human eye in the animate. This is one difference.

The other difference is in color. The color of moving energy, animate energy, is very fine; the color of inanimate energy is very heavy. There are, of course, innumerable other dimensions of sense perception involved which may seem incredible to humans, and yet it is so.

Energy has tone, it has scent, as well as many other senses that do not exist in the human spectrum and that are only gradually being discovered even in science. As far as tone is concerned, the same would be true. The tone of moving energy is high. The tone of immobile energy is low.

QUESTION: Can you give a definition or a further explanation of the word “energy?” What is the substance of the concept of energy? What does it mean? For instance, is it the same definition of energy the way it’s defined in physics. It’s such a universal word. What does it mean?

ANSWER: Yes, yes, that is a very good question. Energy, perhaps I may best put it, is the living force that emanates from consciousness. Needless to say, there are literally infinite varieties of energy.

To give you an example, the energy of a specific set of thought processes is a very different one than the energies of a certain set of feelings. The energy of feelings is again different, let us say, than the energy of the body, or the energy of creating – whatever it may be. Any form of life expression has its different kinds of energy – the emanation of consciousness, as it expresses itself.

Now it is often forgotten that energy is only a reflex of something that is behind it, and that which is behind it must be consciousness. For that is what determines the type of energy, the wave of the energy, the motility of the energy and so on and so forth. That is, perhaps, the best way I can express it at the moment.

QUESTION: What is consciousness, then? I always thought of it in relation to energy. Is this some kind of a first principle?

ANSWER: No. Consciousness is the living being, that which determines, that which knows of itself as existing, as “I am.” Therefore only when it can be conscious of itself can it become conscious of other forms of existence.

QUESTION: That means ego, doesn’t it?

ANSWER: No. Ego is a separated part of the consciousness, a limited part of the real, whole consciousness.

QUESTION: What’s more strong, the energy of the emotion or the feelings?

ANSWER: You cannot compare them. Feelings express themselves in energy. And the energy will express itself according to the type of feeling.

QUESTION: Are you familiar with the work of Scientology and if you are, can you comment on it?

ANSWER: Well, all I would like to say is that there are many, many forms of truth, and each has its own value.


QA167 QUESTION: These are questions from Dr. Pierrakos [psychiatrist, founder of Core Energetics and the future husband of Eva]. The first question is, what are the centers of energy in the body?

ANSWER: The centers of energy lie in the subtle bodies exactly where the glands are in the physical body. Wherever glands are in the physical body, there is a counter-center in the subtle body which is an energy center.

QUESTION: Where are they located exactly?

ANSWER: Exactly parallel to the physical glands.

QUESTION: How can they be affected and developed?

ANSWER: They can be affected and developed by all this Pathwork, and by the physical approach of this friend as well as a spiritual and emotional approach that this total Pathworkcomprises.

For the glandular system – in the physical as well as in the subtle body – is in direct relationship to the attitude of a person. The hidden subtle attitudes – whatever he expresses, whatever he feels, whatever he thinks, whatever he wants – all of this influences the entire glandular system and the energy centers.

Therefore, a human being who is in fear compresses the energy centers. A person who is in a state of loving flow will open up the energy centers. Any therapeutic approach that opens up these centers – because the deep personality, the deep psyche, gives up the fear, gives up the misconceptions that create fear – therefore activates the energy centers.

QUESTION: Are we made of two entities, since the right side is the mirror image of the left?

ANSWER: No, that does not mean that man is made of two entities. It means that the entity is split; it is not unified. As the entity unifies, the functions of the right and the left side begin to change in a most dramatic and beautiful way, which I cannot go into at this time, but at a later period I will come back to this.

QUESTION: This is very interesting about the glands. Does the removal of tonsils affect this energy center there?

ANSWER: Well, it need not do that, but it could. The removal of any gland or any part of the body is, of course, always a result that the underlying, subtle energy center has been afflicted due to some attitude in the entity. Now, when the condition becomes irreversible and then a bodily removal takes place, it is not that this removal affects the energy center, but the afflicted energy center has caused the removal.

QUESTION: Recently, I have experienced much more pleasure throughout my whole body than I have before. At the beginning of this evening, I fell into a state where I was just feeling energy or pleasure throughout my whole body. It seemed to be concentrated in my stomach muscle and what they call the third eye, in the center of my forehead. I felt this energy and I don’t feel it anywhere as strongly as I did then. I realize that my body is not able to sustain these spurts of energy, which have come, especially in the last few months, in one way or another. My question is, what can I do to open up other areas in order to sustain what I can experience of this?

ANSWER: Well, in the first place, I would say here two things specifically to that question, apart from, of course, a general further search within yourself. The two things are: to find, observe, understand, see and dissolve the physical constrictions and tight spots which immediately stop the flow of the energy.

If your body cannot sustain it, it is because there are these areas in your body where you tighten up, where you block it. When these blocks open up, you will be able to feel the flow and sustain it longer.

At the same time, my second suggestion is that each time you feel this opening, send this meditational thought into your innermost being, that the divine powers in you guide you to expand, to let it flow, to become strong enough to be happy and in pleasure.

Mankind is often under the impression that the unhappy time requires the greater need for prayer and meditation. I would say it is at least as essential to be strong enough and to be guided and inspired and helped to become a happy person – to know how to cope with happiness and pleasure. So each time you feel it, send that prayer into yourself, and you will become strong enough.

QUESTION: I’ve experienced that in certain surroundings, when the surroundings are conducive to this, that it’s much more easy to open up and to sustain it. Whereas in usual surroundings in day-to-day life, it’s difficult for one reason or another – even though theoretically I know it doesn’t have to be. If one feels that the surroundings where one lives and the way one lives are not conducive to it, is it necessarily escaping to go somewhere else, even though one takes the attitude that ultimately it always resides in yourself.

ANSWER: Not necessarily. I think that depends very much on what the circumstances are. I would say, if such a change would entail very destructive measures in the long run, if it means depriving yourself of something that is very essential, or if it means that there is a certain purpose in enduring this particular situation at the moment and there is no other way, then temporarily to persevere may be quite good.

On the other hand, it may be equally true that the very fact one perseveres in a destructive situation that does not in the long run, as well as immediately, hold any growth possibility for anyone involved, then remaining there would be a sign of escape, even escaping the happy, good and expanding way of life.

So it is hard to give a general answer to that, because each situation is different. Each situation has to be examined in light of the whole truth and as completely as possible in order to determine which of these alternatives holds true. But it can be either way.

QUESTION: Why is there no visible evidence of the channels of energy movements when the body is operated on or infected? Are there any such channels, and where are they located exactly?

ANSWER: Well, I already said the channels in the physical body are as invisible as the soul itself, as the subtle bodies themselves. The normal eye, the physical eye, cannot see the subtle body. Therefore, it cannot see the energy flow.

These things can only be seen to the extent a person becomes perceptive, clairvoyant to the subtle matter. The same holds true for the energy currents or the energy centers.

QUESTION: Are there any specific ways to work with the body to remove blocks and release energetic movements?

ANSWER: Yes, there are these ways already in use and others which will come gradually through guidance to the person who asks, as well as to the people here; more will come, as already exists. But in the meantime, these ways are very good.

QUESTION: Do we discharge energy in the air? Do we pick up energy from the ground? And do we absorb energy from the air?

ANSWER: Everything is energy. It is in the air as well as in the earth as well as in all living creatures as well as even in inorganic matter. The extent of energy that is being assimilated, absorbed and utilized depends on the consciousness of the person. It is always the consciousness that determines the accessibility.

Just like within the human organism, the energy flow is determined by the consciousness, by the attitude. So the same holds true that the healthier a person is, the more healthy energy he picks up from the environment – the air, the other objects, the other entities.

It is a continuous flow, a turnover, a give and take. He takes and he gives back. For the sick person, the more afflicted or the more sick he is, the more he can only take. Often only the already-sickish energy is more accessible, more compatible with him.

He is perhaps either unable to absorb the healthy energy surrounding him and coming also out from within him. And he will also impoverish the environment by soaking it up without being able to contribute and replenish the sea of energy in which he lives.

QUESTION: Can you comment upon the connection of the movement of the figure eight in the energy pattern.

ANSWER: The figure eight is an essential cosmic movement of the continuum, the flow that never ends. Wherever health exists, that figure eight in the energy flow manifests.

QUESTION: How do tranquilizers and antibiotics affect the polarity of energy? What else do they affect in the body?

ANSWER: They have essentially a very negative effect. They paralyze the system. They paralyze the energy flow. For example, tranquilizers are given because the energy is excessive and has no proper outlet; the personality is afflicted with a tension and overstimulation that puts him into an imbalance. Then the tranquilizer will establish an artificial harmony. Anything artificial is illusory and will ultimately have a worse effect.

It is different with antibiotics in the sense that no one would permanently need antibiotics. It is, by its very nature, a very temporary measure that is supposed to correct an affliction of a sort in the body, and the energy affliction that comes from that works it out naturally after a while.

This is why almost everyone who takes antibiotics, will experience for a while greater tiredness than usual – he will be weaker afterwards. But then the system eventually frees itself from the effects, and the energy system goes to work and expels this artificial thing that has come into it and has paralyzed the streamings of energy.

With tranquilizers, this is not so. Of course, anything that is done once in a while would not harm because the healthy system throws it off again. But if tranquilizers are given because there is a chronic condition of over-excitability in the system, it is not by any means an effective treatment, and in the long run, does more harm than good.

QUESTION: Does Vitamin B affect schizophrenia?

ANSWER: Yes, it has a very good effect. It has a very favorable effect in the sense that by natural means the energy centers are strengthened enough that one can then really look at the consciousness where it harbors the misconceptions, and where the feelings are contracted so that the energies are disturbed.

QUESTION: Do homeopathic medicines have the same effect as antibiotics?

ANSWER: Yes, at times. It depends. You cannot make a blanket statement. Some of them have a similar effect; some of them have good effects. It depends very much. I would not venture to say then one, all of them.

You see, it depends very much what they are and for what purpose they are being used. Any such means and medications, if they are being used in the spirit of relieving the physical manifestations so as then to be better able to go to root of the consciousness, then they have fulfilled their rightful purpose.

But when they are given with the view of healing or curing the evil, then it is a misunderstanding, whatever it may be. Then it is only the symptom being treated and that is never a remedy.

QUESTION: I occasionally have a spasm in my esophagus, from my throat down into my stomach. It’s very, very disturbing, and I haven’t been able to get rid of it. Can you tell me about it?

ANSWER: Yes. This manifestation is a result of a tremendous holding in you, holding of all sorts of feelings that you are frightened of letting out. I can promise you, to the extent you overcome your reluctance and your fear to let these feelings out, this spasm will go away.

I would suggest as one exercise, take a pillow and scream into it as loud as you can. Allow yourself to feel fully rage and anger, as it has not yet been allowed to come out. Then, as a next step, allow yourself to express your good feelings which you have also denied, as you know.

You have begun to find this out in a very successful way, especially compared to the short time you are in this work. You have made great, great, great progress. But this spasm you describe is the holding back of self-expression of the best that is in you, and because of that, anger has developed. Both of them must be let out.

QUESTION: There’s talk of duality, yet you talk about good and bad feelings. Would you speak about that?

ANSWER: Well, that is the duality. Negative feelings and positive feelings come into existence because man is split. He constantly makes misconceptions that are based on either/or. Because he has this erroneous either/or attitude about life, he must split in his feelings.

Let us take a very simple example. Let us take the little child who has love feelings and whose love feelings are frustrated for one reason or another. Now, immediately, the child becomes angry. This anger is based on the idea, if it were to be translated in concise words, “I am not loved. I am not lovable; therefore I must not have love feelings.”

Thus, the love feelings turn into anger feelings. This does not mean there are two kinds of feelings. But there are many feelings and they are all based on one energy streaming.

QUESTION: But you talk of positive and negative feelings. {Yes} Would you tell me about this classification?

ANSWER: Hate and fear are negative feelings, are destructive feelings, are separating feelings, are feelings that are the result of error that breeds more error, and therefore more duality. While love feelings, feelings of warmth and giving, feelings of the unity of the universe bring more truth, more love, and more unity. I do not understand what is so puzzling for you about this?

QUESTION: Listening to you, I have the impression that duality is bad.

ANSWER: What do you mean?

QUESTION: In just that word. There’s the feeling that there are right feelings and good feelings. And there’s the impression that there are bad feelings and negative feelings and we shouldn’t have them. Yet this splitting is exactly the duality which you say is not right, not correct.

ANSWER: You see, it is not a question of “should not have.” The fact is that they exist. They must be accepted and understood in their true nature in order to dissolve by themselves. It is not a question of moralizing with oneself in a false, religious sense. It is a question of self-acceptance and understanding.

In such understanding it must be seen that there is destructiveness in man that must not be denied, for how can man accept himself in truth when he does not see that. He can only unify himself when he sees himself in his true state at the moment. But accepting oneself does not mean having the illusion that certain attitudes are constructive and unifying, when in fact they err and are disunifying.

QUESTION: I often find that my throat locks up and I’m without any voice. Can you comment?

ANSWER: Yes. Well, this is a similar contraction as I mentioned before. It is fear of self-expression, and it is holding back of the feelings as they exist. Returning for a second in connection with your question, and regarding the answer to the previous one, “one must not have” would be an admonishment to say “you must not feel rage and hate.”

I say that rage and hate is in you. You must let yourself feel it, so that you will naturally lose it. But if you fear to experience your rage and hate and fear – you fear these feelings – then you will deny them, and that will split you and will contract you, and will bring symptoms such as the one you just cited.

Now, of course, you do need proper help in order to learn and see how to go about it, and also how to differentiate between acting out in a destructive way and learning to acknowledge it in a way that does not split you further, in yourself and with your surroundings.

QUESTION: In Edgar Cayce, I read the other day that he said that psychologists and psychiatrists talk about investigating the center for smell.

ANSWER: The what?

QUESTION: Smell. Could you comment on that?

ANSWER: What do you mean by that, smell?

QUESTION: Well, if people smell something, they can connect something with themselves. Smell something. Smell.

ANSWER: I don’t quite understand your question. I mean what…smell…how…who smells what? I do not know what to do.

QUESTION: They can find out about free associations via smell, what they smell.

ANSWER: Yes, that may be one way of coming back to certain memories. Let us say a child has memories with certain smells. Certainly. But they are not always available and…I do not know what you mean that Edgar Cayce has said about it and to what extent you can explain, but if I understand you correctly and it’s just a question of smell, certainly, every sense perception has associative memories and can in that way be used if they are available.

QUESTION: I’m very impressed by many of the things you say, and I’m very curious about your background and the training you received. Would you comment on that?

ANSWER: You do not need my answer to that in this state. You can discuss this with the friends who are very familiar with this work and who know what this channel is.

All I would like to say is that every single human being on Earth has a possibility to establish contact with the highest wisdom in the universe. This requires a great deal of ardent self-search and self-confrontation and courageous and persevering effort in this effort to attain the self-realization that this Path is all about. [Tape runs out]


QA171 QUESTION: In the last lecture [Lecture #170 Fear of Bliss Versus Longing for It – The Energy Centers] you spoke about two pulses of energy that relate to points in the body – one that’s at the base of the spine and one that’s at the diaphragm. Could you speak briefly about the other four that you mentioned, in particular the ones at the back of the base of the skull and the top of the head.

ANSWER: Yes. I will give a very, very abbreviated explanation. But soon I will, of course, have one or more lectures on that topic [Lectures #172-173]. Very briefly, the one in the back – in the back of the neck and also further down in the back – regulates the mental and emotional attitudes regarding strength, selfhood, autonomy, self-responsibility and everything that goes with that – in other words, the dignity, the healthy pride of the individual, the backbone, the self-assertion.

According to the health or lack of health that prevails in regard to these attitudes, the energy center functions harmoniously or disharmoniously. Now, the energy here is mental energy, as opposed to the center that is at the base of the spine – the sexual center – which is mostly a metabolizing of physical energies.

Of course, you must understand, my friends – and this is very hard to explain in such a short timeframe – that there is no complete division in that one is completely mental and the other is completely physical, because there always must be an interaction. But it is more predominantly so.

The centers at the back and the back of the neck are mental energy. If a person exhausts himself because the balance structure of self-responsibility, of self-assertion, is disturbed – is either too strong or too weak, as the case may be – the energy centers are then also disturbed here. At times when a person is very aware of concentration in this, he may even feel a particular tiredness at the back of the neck.

The energy center in the throat is concerned with metabolizing the mental and emotional attitudes regarding assimilation of mental and spiritual material. How do you assimilate it? How do you swallow it? How do you take in – taking in what comes – mental and emotional material? This is why, for instance, the saying goes, something is stuck in one’s throat. He cannot swallow it.

This is often being said about emotional material. This center concerns the person’s ability to accept, to adjust, to adapt himself in a flexible way. It metabolizes and balances the attitudes regarding acceptance, which is in direct opposition to self-assertion and backbone.

This is why this is located parallel – the one in front, the other in the back. There must be a proper balance between the two. The healthy personality finds, automatically, this balance. Now, I see I already get involved in the lecture that should not be here; that should come at another time. But now I will be brief about the rest.

The center between the eyes deals with vision – not physical vision, but spiritual vision: vision of life, vision of oneself, vision of truth. And the center at the top of the head is activated by the total integration of the personality, with all other centers functioning in harmony. It is the center that is directly connected with the spiritual self. So much for that, for now.


QA177 QUESTION: Is evil a state of contraction? And what is the state of masochism then where a system is trying to release itself of the pressure in some way?

ANSWER: It is quite true that evil and contraction are absolutely interdependent and interchangeable. For, if you really think, what is the meaning of contraction? If you translate contraction into words, it means the following. It means denial of love, denial of generous giving, denial of trust – primarily of the universe and therefore of God and of good.

It is a not believing in good; it is not trusting that good may exist. It is a separateness and a closed-up-ness that denies the good of Creation and therefore God, that denies pleasure and denies love and denies expansion. It cramps up in itself and becomes pain and negation. Therefore, it is very, very true when you say that evil and contraction can be equated.

Now, as to your second question, the state of masochism that needs to have the release because it is also a state of contraction, in a sense, is based on the following dynamics. When the personality refuses to expand in trust and affirmation of love of others, of self, of giving and receiving, of pleasure in the positive sense, the organism contracts and the negative feelings that are part and parcel of this condition are also held in – not out of love but out of fear.

Because if love would exist, the negative feelings would not exist. So the sadist, we can say, is not afraid of expressing the negative feelings, while the masochist is afraid of the consequences and holds them in and expresses them indirectly by punishing others through his self-suffering. There is a tremendous amount of hostility involved in the negative self-punishment.

As you all know, every sadist has a masochistic side and vice versa. It fluctuates, when it manifests this way or that way. And it is, therefore, a contracted state. The release that comes is always sought unconsciously.

The sadist creates the release from the contracted state by exploding negatively, by acting negatively, by giving forth destructively toward another human being. The masochist creates the explosion, which is the release of the contracted state, by harming himself. But there’s always the aim involved of punishing others by this act of self-punishment. Does that answer your question?

QUESTION: Yes, very much so. May I ask now, is the state of contraction a state of contraction to all the subtle bodies and the physical body or is it possible that you may have different states there?

ANSWER: Different states. It depends on the degree. There are, of course, states of such intense contraction that all the subtle bodies – except the spiritual self, which can never be affected – will be affected, more or less, including the physical body.

There are other states where it’s not that intense and not overall or only certain aspects or certain parts of the physical as well as the subtle bodies will be affected, which you, as a physician as well as being able to read the field, can very easily determine – that sometimes the subtle body is only affected in certain areas but hardly ever in all areas.

QUESTION: Is a state of reincarnation an attempt to create in that entity a state of full pulsation?

ANSWER: Yes, of course, because the whole evolutionary process is that; the whole development, the whole scale of evolution is that. Every stage, every step, every attempt, every life expression of every unit of life that exists, be it mineral or plant or animal or human being, and regardless of what state the human being is in, it is always an attempt to reestablish the state of full pulsation.

Now, you may be surprised to hear that even the most negative expressions, the most destructive expressions of life, are really, deep down, an erroneous attempt to establish the full pulsation of life. It is only that it is sought in an erroneous way. Perhaps, in a certain way, not even erroneous – maybe this is momentarily necessary because there is no other way at this juncture in which the soul got lost.

In the first lecture of this year [Lecture #175 Consciousness: Fascination with Creation], when I spoke about the process of self-creation and how the negative state is being created, I discussed this question.

In the blind state, in the state where the negative creating is already advanced and one does not know how to go any other way any more at this time, the expression is, nevertheless, with the aim of creating pulsation, seeking the pleasure divine, the pleasure supreme that is the birthright, the inherent knowledge that “this is where I really come from, where I really have to go again, and this is the state that is inherently mine. And this is what I want to reestablish.” All these ways of life expressions aim at this – some more directly, some more indirectly.

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