QA124 QUESTION: In the case of a person who is very seriously ill, does the matter of one’s attitude have anything to do with bringing on death or letting life linger. Some people die suddenly and some die lingeringly. What is your attitude toward euthanasia?

ANSWER: In the Spirit World, there are no rigid rules. We do not recommend it as a general, easy way of practicing. But if mankind in general sufficiently develops so that unconscious motivations of fear and guilt and sadism are out in the open and can therefore be dealt with, then a general law of euthanasia will be a very good thing. Because then it will be used only in such cases where it is truly a blessing.

On the other hand, when mankind is that far advanced, the education of the individual will make it superfluous to artificially enable death to take place. Because in the instances where a person is really only exposed to pain and there is no hope of either recovery or even a natural ceasing of pain, if in such an instance death cannot take place, it is because the fearful psyche prohibits it.

In the proper education and proper development of individuals, such will never be the case. There will be a harmony of the individual. And when one does not fear death, one will let go at the right time, so that euthanasia will be eliminated – it will not be necessary.

If the law exists today where those who might administer it may not always be governed by constructive motives, it would then violate the inner will of the patient who holds on.

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