185 QUESTION: Can you discuss the aspects of mutuality on the physical, mental and spiritual levels from the energetic point of view?

ANSWER: Yes. From the energetic point of view, the expanding movement is an outgoing and outflowing movement. When two separate human beings open up toward one another in mutuality, able to accept an open flow without contracting, the energy from one interpenetrates the energy field of the other, and vice versa. It is a constant interflow and exchange.

It is otherwise with the people who remain separate, who contract, and cannot open up to mutuality; two such people remain enclosed, each like an island, with little or no energy being exchanged. And when exchange of energy is blocked, the great evolutionary plan is delayed.

In the case where a person can open only when there is no chance of mutuality, or when a Yes-current must be met with a No-current because mutuality still seems too frightening, one energy flow streams out but reverberates and bounces back, thrown back by the closed energy field of the other. The latter is like a wall that throws off any incoming flow. Thus, the two flows can never become one flow.

This phenomenon can easily be observed in the everyday life of people. They either always fall in love when it is not reciprocated, or for apparently unfathomable reasons, they fall out of love when their partner has deep feelings.

To a more subtle degree, the same principle exists in ongoing relationships – when one person is open, the other is closed, and vice versa. Only steady development and growth changes this so that both learn to remain open to one another.

On the spiritual and emotional levels, the lowest stage indicates an acute state of fear. The fear of accepting the self in its present stage is essentially the same fear that wants to run away from true mutuality and bliss. Since the fear is there, hate must also come into being, with all its derivatives.

The mental levels are affected by this process of avoidance when a person seeks ready explanations for what cannot be understood unless the self is accepted for what it is now. The mental activity becomes so busy that it cannot attune to the higher voices within the self, to the deeper truths of the universe.

More separation is thus engendered. Mental noise creates more disconnection from the feelings and from the state that first created this condition. Such a person or entity is forced by its own choice to live in a constant state of frustration and unfulfillment. Physically, this creates all the blocks in the body which you already know so well.

In the second stage, where alternate opening up and contracting occurs, the mental activity of the person is confused. Search and groping cannot yield truthful answers as long as the self is not accepted with its very worst. Mental confusion creates more frustration and anger.

The faulty interpretations which are supposed to explain why the person is always missing mutuality only increase frustration, and therefore anger and hate. On the emotional level, longing and disappointment alternate with fulfillment in fantasy. This indicates some degree of opening and flow, although without real mutuality. Withdrawal and contraction also include anger and hate, disappointment and blaming.

When self-acceptance makes mutuality possible and energy is exchanged, the universal movements flow evenly. The healthy alternation of the expanding, contracting and static principles prevails where individuals find themselves in the eternal rhythm, harmonious with the universe.

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