QA232 QUESTION: About the process of dying, could you give us your comments on what happens to the physical and energetic bodies – the so-called pseudo-clothes – we leave behind?

ANSWER: Yes. Now, the physical body is a condensation of a body that is not visible to your eyes. Although it is of a finer substance, it is still a grosser substance in comparison to the other levels of being. This composite that comprises the various levels that you get to know in the course of your search – that is, the personality as you know it – will dissolve only when the total integration has taken place.

It will dissolve then, not into thin air, by any means, but it will be soaked up, as it were, by the higher self, the real self, the inner being. Until such time, that aspect will create a new body, until its lessons are learned. The new body may take different shapes, different aspects. But it is still a representation of the attitudes that need to be filed, modified, corrected, transformed.

There are in-between levels, but this is now what we call too far afield to go into. It would require a whole lecture, and one day I will give this lecture that will deal with various other subtle bodies and their interactions during the physical life as well as in-between physical lives. But for the moment, this perhaps somewhat simplified explanation will be sufficient. Do you understand?

QUESTION: I’m trying to. [Laughs]. May I ask further, is what we understand as being the etheric body, the astral body, and the mental body of those energetic bodies being also soaked in the same manner which you described?

ANSWER: They are interpenetrating. It would be impossible to answer about this now because there is too little time for that. The energy is not enough. I will go into this then.

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