QA222 QUESTION: If I can ask the God in me to give me whatever I truly want, what would happen if I ask to give me something which is evil or where my ego cheats. If I have an injury or disease and somehow ask the God in me to somehow cure it…

ANSWER: Would that be evil?

QUESTION: I feel that I could learn something by going through this injury, and it would be unfair to ask to have it cured in that way.

ANSWER: No, you see, it is this way: you could make a total commitment to want to learn all you can and then, if you really have learned the lesson, your inner God can make you well. One of the reasons for illness is always somewhere a desire to not take care of your life.

The moment you see this and can connect with that and see that there is a desire to avoid responsibility – or what you believe is hardship – then the commitment can be made to not use illness in order to avoid something in life, whatever that something may be.

When healing is asked for – or whatever else it may be – it is always for whatever negative conditions exist in a person’s life. On the Path you learn that the negative conditions are a creation of something in you. So it is self-understood that you not ask God – inside or outside of you – to take the result of your creation away, without your ability to recognize what created it and to make another creation.

Whether it is a problem of health or a problem of material poverty or emotional impoverishment or whatever the problem may be, it is a creation, and no symptom is being taken away by the God in you unless you take the symptom away – because you change the root. Then the God in you can go to work.

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