QA171 QUESTION: I’ve been wondering why I feel that I’ve always given out so much of myself and I seem to get so little in return.

ANSWER: The reason is that your giving out of yourself has been done, in part, as a substitute for other areas of fulfillment that are more basic. When man seeks substitute fulfillments, those fulfillments cannot be as fruitful as one may expect, because one unconsciously makes expectations of the displacement that are impossible to fulfill.

Yes, you have given out. That is true. But it may not be too difficult for you to acknowledge and ascertain that this was often at the expense of more personal fulfillment, which you have resigned rather early about. Do you understand?

QUESTION: No, I do not. I’m afraid not.

ANSWER: Well, it is nevertheless so. Let me say that in the area of your fulfillment as a woman, you have not been able to fulfill yourself to the extent of your desires. And then you have taken the essence of this channel and have channeled it somewhere else.


QA233 QUESTION: I have a great deal of conflict about the business venture that I have entered into. I feel that I’ve entered into it very badly prepared, with a lot of negativity, an ego direction, a power direction and a lot of greed. And now the consequences are that I’m up and down. I don’t have a firm direction, and I don’t have pleasure from it either, obviously. I am not getting pleasure from the successes, and the failures are giving a great deal of despair. Is it because of the start that I had, that perhaps I’m not prepared for a venture like this and don’t have the courage to say, “It’s not for me?” I would like to have your comment on this.

ANSWER: The answer I will give you will not deal with the aspects of the lower self or the negative intentionality or the problems inside of your soul substance. You have dealt considerably with this. All of you are perhaps increasingly aware that the time has come when inner change can occur not only as a result of recognition and change of inner intent – but also as a result of outer action.

Sometimes outer action can replace inner change, and then becomes an illusion or even delusion and leads to a split. But then there are other phases and periods in a person’s life or path where sufficient insight and recognition exist, and you can go on and on with it unless that leads to an action – even if the action is deliberately, through self-discipline, put through. Then a change of energy current can occur.

So I give you very specific advice here. All of what you said is obviously a result of tremendous guilt and self-destruction. This guilt and self-destruction can never be eliminated by merely recognition. But it will be eliminated if you start acting – even be it in ever so small a way – in a new way.

So my advice here is that you choose every day a little act of giving – that no one knows, that no one will give you recognition for, that you do for your own higher-self sake – from your higher self and for your higher self, in the will of God. Ask to be guided how to do it. When you recognize in yourself the voice that resists it and hates it and denies it, determine who is the stronger one – that lower self that does not want to let you give and therefore makes you incapable of receiving, or the personality that has a say in which direction to go.

Now, I venture to say, as you do this, yes, at the beginning you will believe this is difficult, because you will put so much energy and credence in the voice that says No. But as you claim – you, the personality – to be a mouthpiece of the higher self and say, “I really want to do it, to add and give something from my heart and my soul,” so will you then feel something new emerging, and that will shift everything around.

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