QA185 QUESTION: I would like to ask about the group dynamics, the interaction on the level of the energy. And if possible, can you give the anatomy, energetically speaking, of anger?

ANSWER: The energetic dynamics in the group were very much discussed in my last lecture [Lecture #185 Mutuality: A Cosmic Principle and Law]. What I said about the general interaction between people, of course, is ten times more strongly pronounced in a group situation. This happens for the simple reason that the group meets with the overt purpose to get together on a more honest inner level of being, while in many other situations of interaction between human beings, this is not the case.

The moment the intention is there, at least to a degree – even if another part of the self still wants to hide – there is a much greater energy exchange and energy buildup. And the exchange of energy is a constant one. When others feel constricted by a person’s mask and defensive self, it is the energy that is heavy and constricting for others, and prevents the interactive flow from one field to the next.

That’s why the need is so great in human beings to come out and break this constriction. This wall makes the other energy reverberate back, as I explained in the last lecture, so the interaction of energy fields in group is a very important, very dynamic one.

If a group is relating on a really honest, undefensive level, the energy exchange is a very beautiful one, even if there is not yet love established. The truth of no longer hiding one’s real feelings, and the acceptance of others who can accept that, and of the self that learns he or she can be accepted with the worst out in the open – that makes for eventual real love, not the false superimposed love that is a command of “I must, in order not to be rejected.” That is the real feeling that can grow on that soil.

But even before this real love feeling exists, this honest exchange clears the air. That is why I say an honest expression of anger is a clear, beautiful energy phenomenon if it is not projected, if one does not make a case out of it – which one pins on others – if one does not hide behind judgmentalness, if it is a truly self-responsible expression. It is very closely connected to love and very quickly leads into love.

So, the energy dynamics of a clear anger is a tremendous powerful force, a movement that is clean – strange as it may seem. It is not dangerous; it is not vicious; it is not destructive. The viciousness and destructiveness by the violence, comes in only when this original anger is denied, and when it becomes spite and duplicity and all this kind of thing.

Now, I say to you here, any direct feeling – like I express about anger – is a very fast energy vibratory phenomenon. The denied anger, the projected anger, becomes a heavy, congealed, paralyzed energy. And the movement is slow and the vibrations are slow and the energy type is unclean. It is an unclean energy; it is a muddy energy.

QUESTION: I would like to ask a question relating to anger. It’s about my daughter. She is in a constant state of anger and murderous rage.

ANSWER: But in the second kind I mentioned, not in the first. She has not learned to make the transition to the first. She’s still on the blaming anger.

QUESTION: Yes. And as a result of this constant anger which perpetuates, she is constantly breaking out into hives. Now, how can we break this vicious circle?

ANSWER: Only by her inner decision and making up her mind to make that transition, to expose herself to everything that she is afraid of precisely because she does not want to give up the blaming anger. And the blaming anger is the hives – that is the hives.

QUESTION: Can you be a bit more specific about what energetic streams are necessary to come forth for an expression of anger?

ANSWER: I would say it the other way around. I cannot answer it that way, because you cannot tackle it from that level. You have to do what I just said – get to the direct expression of anger, not the projected blaming anger. And then the energy force would be clean and would be direct and would be a fast, vibratory movement that can turn into the many other emotions.

No emotion which is free and clean stays what it is. If it is the clean anger, it doesn’t stay anger. It very soon goes into another feeling and wears off. And it is no longer then anger. This is the way it must happen. It is the mental attitude that determines whether or not the emotion can become clean, and therefore the energy current will be clean.

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