150 QUESTION: I ask for someone else, whom I want to help….

ANSWER: At these levels one cannot help others, except by showing them a way – and then, always, provided they are willing. Unfortunately, most people would do anything, go anywhere, rather than look at the self. Self-scrutiny frightens them, and they frantically try to avoid it.

When an entity is ready to look where the looking will yield real answers, help must come. But no one can help another to be in the Now, which presupposes the absolute and primary desire, “I want to look at the truth in myself.”

Anyone in the Pathwork who pronounces these words daily, particularly at moments of discontent and disconnection, will experience amazing results. “What is it now that I do not want to look at?” When an individual raises this question, answers will come forth in exact proportion to the sincerity and strength of the wish. Otherwise, there is no answer, my friends.

This applies to those who have not yet begun to discover the depths in the self that need to be explored in the light of consciousness. It also applies to those who are effectively engaged in such Pathwork. They too may have blind spots. Perhaps they persist in overlooking what needs most to be faced as they over-concentrate on aspects that they have already confronted.

Perhaps the truth that gets overemphasized lends itself well to covering up other truths the person is not ready to see. No matter how much growth occurs, people fail to utilize moments in their life to the fullest. They let troubles stand unexamined, preferring to stay on the surface, never reaching the nucleus of the disturbance. The disturbance may be accepted in a false spirit of inevitability, taking for granted what need not be.

Each moment contains indescribable wealth, my friends. The human mind lacks the equipment even to remotely conceive of it. Consider the science of atoms, which has shown that the smallest known particle has power to destroy vast areas of human habitation and millions of human lives. The same particle has power to affect human life in positive ways equal to its destructiveness.

Your attitude determines the direction this power takes. The human race begins to be aware of the power of the smallest. The concept is new and strange to human thinking, which heretofore has measured power in terms of size. In other words, that big things can yield great power and small things have little power. With the science of atoms, a revolutionary reorientation has begun, forcing human beings into recognizing that power is not a matter of size, but rather of quality. With this new concept, the truth of a new dimension begins to open up.

It is exactly the same with the Now of each moment. Each fraction of time, of existence, possesses a power that surpasses the power of the atom. This spiritual power surpasses all physical manifestations. The infinitesimal fraction of life can be utilized when you examine the nucleus of power in its negative manifestations, and see that this same energy can be used positively.

Humanity is oblivious to its potential. It assigns power to outer circumstances and material factors, not to the energy of the Now. The truth is that each Now is charged with immeasurable life force, an energy that can be released when the obstructions to the Now are removed. Focus your attention on it and you will discover inconceivable riches and powers.

Already the first inklings will astound you. You do not have to wait for tomorrow. You do not even have to wait for a different state of existence. The desired tomorrow, or the desired different state of existence, will come as a result of meeting this moment in truth.


QA162 QUESTION: How can one help someone else who is not aware of their karmic potential or responsibility to cope with it in this lifetime, or is it only something that one does for oneself?

ANSWER: Is this person that you are thinking of in a state where the mental faculties, the will faculties, do not work? Or is it a person who is normal?

QUESTION: Closer to a normal state.

ANSWER: Yes. Well, in the last analysis it can only be the person himself. No one can do it for someone else. That is quite impossible. Even if God would come as a person, as an individualized entity, he could not force a person to take a healthy, constructive path when this individual is not ready and willing to do so, because that would violate the law of freedom.

But if help is asked, then you can help. You can help by trying to understand, by giving guidance to the right people who can help further. You can help by love; you can help by your humility, not to set yourself up above; you can primarily help most fundamentally and in a most decisive way by realizing that you can all give by your own path. Because nothing is so convincing for your environment than your own development.

The best, most convincing words and sermons will not reach a heart, but very often years of dedicated, honest self-development will do that. Often when you expect it least, a dear one will suddenly say, “Yes, this is interesting. This intrigues me. I see this change,” and that may awaken a spark.

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