QA126 QUESTION: If I understood you correctly, you said, “If you’re unhappy, you’re not in truth, and therefore you cannot tune into the life force.” How about people who are suffering from sickness, from accidents, from handicaps, mental and physical handicaps. How can they be happy; there never will be any chance for them to tune in?

ANSWER: You put it in reverse. You put it the other way around. Unhappiness is a product of false ideas and false concepts and misconceptions and images and so on and so forth. But the moment one realizes that, one is much more in control of these negative happenings, of these circumstances.

Of course, there are millions of people who are not ready to understand this, and this is very unfortunate. But they will grow up; eventually they will come to this understanding – as eventually a child will reach college age and go to college rather than to elementary school and high school. If man would be less stubborn and a little more courageous, much of his suffering could be avoided.

QUESTION: You see, I feel very perturbed when I go to New York to my job. I see such pitiable people – old men sitting on the street, women with their pink hair, very old ladies with two different shoes. So many unbelievably different kinds of people you see. They probably don’t have something to eat – it’s very perturbing. I would like to help. On the other hand, I don’t know how to help. It isn’t done with a quarter, to give them something. But I feel helpless and frustrated when I see this.

ANSWER: Perhaps you would feel less helpless and less frustrated if you would use all your efforts so that you grow to the maximum potential that is in you. Then you will be able to understand these things much better, not by intellectual ideas that are put in front of you, but with an inner understanding.

For he who does the utmost according to his growth potential, cannot be in a state of such perturbation and frustration. This is always a sign, a symptom, that should be heeded, for all symptoms are very useful.

QUESTION: Maybe that was an overstatement, but let’s say compassion – I have real compassion and a desire to help. But in that case, I don’t know how.

ANSWER: You have to help where it’s nearest and, first of all, when you do the maximum with yourself, you will help there where you can help. This guidance will take place. The more you develop, the more you will be guided to those where help is feasible.

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