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101 QUESTION: In my private work, my Helper and I found that I have an inadequate concept of a human being. What is a human being?

ANSWER: If I were to answer that, it would probably take me at least a month of continuous talking. This, I think, may be the best answer for you to adjust your concept to a more truthful one. Compare this statement with the limited concept you have when you say, “he is this or that,” or “she is thus and thus.” Realize the infinite variety, the manifoldness, the contradictoriness, the unlimited possibilities and potentials of thought, and the range of feelings in every human being.

Every human being has, in both a positive and a negative aspect, every emotion, trend or characteristic you can name. The reasons why the same quality displays its positive facet at one time and its negative at other times are among the difficult intricacies of the human psyche.

The more you understand the limitless possibilities and potentials of any human being, the further do you come in understanding a particular human being. On the other hand, the more you believe, either consciously or unconsciously, that a human being is only this or only that, in other words, the more limited your concept is, the less will you understand about others.

In a strange way, the unconscious aim of human beings is to limit the human personality, because they believe that if there is less to a human being, it is easier to know one another. This is not true. The more you realize the infinite possibilities and aspects, the more understanding and insight you will have. This is the best answer I can give you. Any description, no matter how detailed, would not do it justice. It would be limited, and it would be an oversimplification.


QA149 QUESTION: In your lecture two weeks ago [Lecture #149 Cosmic Pull Toward Union – Frustration], I understood you to say that the nature of man has a limiting factor – there is a negative element which doesn’t allow the complete positive force to manifest. If it did, we would not be in the human consciousness. To what degree can we accept this? At what point do we realize that we have a limitation and we should not become frustrated because we can’t transcend our very nature?

ANSWER: First of all, at no point should you become frustrated. And the second answer is there is no point in which you can say, “Now, here I set the limit,” because potentially there is a limitless power and possibility for expansion in you. But in order to get to that, every moment of the Now must be accepted, but accepted in the right spirit.

In other words, let us say you encounter a present inability. If this inability is either denied or struggled against or run away from, it is a denial of the present limitation that is unhealthy. But, if you would say, “I cannot ever overcome this inability,” it is an equal error, and equally unhealthy. So it is in the how.

If you say, “Here I am at present; I find myself unable to feel differently. This is my Now and I want to observe myself, how I operate with this error, and I want to understand what is the error behind this limitation in me, behind this inability.”

The more you understand of the error, and the better you observe – in an objective spirit of nonstruggle and yet knowing it is not something that you cannot ever transcend – to that extent you will transcend it, and perhaps much sooner than you think.

While you observe the inability and accept yourself with it, at the same time know that it does not have to be so. There is another possibility that is right here and right there deep within you, if you know it without struggling for it.

If you calmly know of its existence without grabbing for it, without the spirit of “If I do not get it, I will perish,” then it will open itself up to you spontaneously without you doing a thing. The grabbing for it is a direct result of the inability to face your limitation in a constructive, healthy, realistic way.

If you face the inability of the moment, you will not have to grab, and you will at the same time know this inability does not have to be yours. Suddenly, when you least expect it, it will prove itself that there is no longer a limitation.

This also answers the question of how self-realization manifests in an individual. This is the way it is attained. This is the way it manifests. It is attained by the full acceptance of the moment, while knowing it does not have to have this limitation, while wanting to transcend this limitation without force, without struggle, without grasping. Then the spontaneous revelation of the limitless universe within will make itself known.

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